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How To Make Your How DIY Halloween Crayons

I thought it would be fun for the kids to make some festive DIY Halloween crayons to go along with our fall theme and be nice to clear out so many of our broken crayons I have saved.
We used some silicone baking trays that I found, 1 from the dollar store and the other 2 at the local craft store. The kids and I took the papers off of a bunch of the crayons, broke them into pieces, and placed the pieces into the baking trays. We did have to take them out and add more crayons once they melted into their molds in order for most of them to be somewhat full. My opinion would be add more crayons then we did in this picture 🙂
I put the molds onto a cooke sheet, and put them in the oven at  250′ for about 15 min. Set them out to cool for about 20 min. Gently pop them out of their molds for some festive crayons.
I have some in this cute pumpkin bowl for the kids open art area. I also put a few in the bowl for leaf rubbings on our Science shelf this week.
We have shared lots of other Halloween Idea for kids, stop over and check it out.
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