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Our Mother Goose Time curriculum theme this past month was Bubbles Boats, & Floats. What boy doesn’t love boats, bubbles, and water themed activities? We have had many fun topics while doing this unit, today I am going to share with you our “beavers” topic.


Beavers Song

Every day starts out with a song and this day was no different. We sang Have You Seen the Beaver” to the tune of “The Muffin Man.”  They boys always love our song time, but Gabe especially loves the songs. He is a kid that just loves music adding motions and actions to the songs is just an added bonus.

Beavers Puppets

These adorable beaver puppets using paper bags, and the provided beaver parts from Mother Goose Time was a lot of fun.


Ethan decided it would be so funny to add a beaver tooth to himself lol.





This activity was great for practicing so many great skills. They used many fine motor skills by punching out the parts, and gluing on eyes and body parts. Figuring out where each of the beaver parts went involved some problem solving. They also used their imaginative skills to play with their puppets once they were completed.



Once they were finished making their beavers we talked about what sounds they make when they are happy, sad, scared, etc. They used their beaver to make each of the sounds.

Beavers Beavers Beavers Beavers
Beavers Dam Math

For this activity we used play dough, a dice, sticks, and some people manipulatives we got in a previous Mother Goose Time unit. They rolled the dice and added that many sticks to make their own beaver dam. We discussed what beavers use to cut wood, the kids thought it was very cool that beavers teeth are so strong that they can cut through wood.


Beavers Beavers Beavers

The kids thought their beaver dams were great. They were a great, and they managed to make a “beaver community” with both of their beaver dams.Beavers



Beavers Habitat

I didn’t manage to get pictures of this, but the boys made a beaver habitat. They used blankets, the couches, and sticks. I encouraged them to use feeling words about playing in their habitat, like the teachers guide suggests. They had such a great time! After they played in there for a while, they decided to bring their beaver puppets in with them. Then they pretended that there were beavers living in their beaver dam.

Stay tuned this week for another post for our bubbles, boats, and floats.

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