Thank you for sharing!!

I hope everyone had a blessed and wonderful Easter! Despite all the fun we have been having with Easter Eggs and other fun things of Easter, we have been sitting down every night, to go over our Resurrection Eggs, reading our bible, and making our Resurrection Egg folder (more on that later)  we also have been talking about how the real reason for Easter isn’t the candy, eggs, and Easter bunny, it’s Jesus. Ethan has been sooo excited to open the white resurrection egg, and he was so amazed to find out out it was empty yesterday morning 🙂

We had a morning Easter Egg hunt, and breakfast at our house, with my dad, brother, sister-in-law, sister, brother-in-law, and niece. In the afternoon we had a get to gether at my Grandma’s house, with lunch. It was a wonderful day spent with people we love, I couldn’t have asked for a better day! In the late afternoon my day went down hill, due to the fact I developed a horrible migraine and ended up going to bed at 6:00, while Jake took care of the house and kids for the night, it is thankfully gone this morning, but I didn’t end up getting lots of things done I was supposed to, including my Easter post on the blog 🙁

I pray that everyone had a safe and wonderful Easter filled with celebrations for the REAL meaning of Easter, Jesus Christ giving his life so we could be forgiven of our sins! I got a great email yesterday from God’s daily promises that I thought was wonderful I’m sharing it and ending on that note, have a wonderful week…

Bread of Life

One of the women who lingered at the foot of the cross had once known thirst that ordinary water couldn’t quench. She had been an outcast among her peers.…She had a great need, and nothing could fill the emptiness, the void within her. Then came the day when she met Jesus. Although her accusers had already given up on her and would readily have stoned her, Jesus saw her need, and rather than give up on her, he faced her accusers and saved not only her life but her soul as well. From that moment forward, Mary Magdalene was a devoted disciple of Christ, following him even to the foot of a brutal cross. When Jesus cried out in thirst, the soldiers mistook it for weakness of the flesh and thrust sour wine to his lips. What they didn’t comprehend is that Jesus’ words were a declaration of his completion of his Father’s work. He was thirsty because he was being poured out as an offering, not only for the grateful woman who knelt at this feet but also for generations of people to come.

JESUS, you poured out your life like an offering and gave me living water that saved and restores my soul. Help me to take that same living water and extend it to those around me who are thirsty. Please us me to reach out to the abandoned, the scorned, the unlovable, with your sacrificial love.

Thank you for sharing!!


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