Happy New Year, with A Hasbro House Party

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We had an amazing Christmas and New Years Eve was no exception. This year we had something even more fun then usual to do, we got picked for the Hasbro New Year’s Eve House Party!! It was a BLAST. We had all of us, my dad, the neighbor girls, and some of their cousins that all participated. The items that are included with the House Party box were Yahtzee, Draw Something, Scrabble Catch Phrase, and Twister, 10 Hasbro Party Night Cups, 10 Hasbro Party Night Hats, Hasbro Party Night Winner Trophy and crown, $8 off coupon for the host, $5 off coupons for the guests, Free Ore-Ida product coupon, and different party ideas, WOW!

We started early in the morning making lots of goodies for all the people that would be there! Serena and Dustin were my main cooking helpers. I definitely would not have gotten everything done without their help!! On the menu, lots of goodies, which for my kids is a big treat it’s not often they are allowed to have more then a small amount of sugar especially lots of it. I figured it’s the holidays the one time a year we all splurge on not so healthy food…

Of course there was no lack of helpers to get the bowls cleaned out 🙂

On the menu for our New Years Eve party

  • Cucumber Toasties                           
  • Chili bean dip and tortilla chips        
  • Shrimp and cocktail sauce              
  • Crock Pot Mac & Cheese                 
  • BLT Dip with pretzel crackers         
  • Chex Mix                                        
  • Chow Mein Noodle Cookies                        
  • Rice Krispie Treats                                      
  • Puppy Chow                                  
  • Frost your own strawberry cupcakes
  • Peanut Butter Cookies                    
  • Pop
The first thing the kids did was of course eat some of the goodies!
Once everyone had eaten we waisted no time starting the games we started with Twister. Now let me tell you when I was a kid just putting your hands and feet all over can be difficult enough, but they have added more then just “right arm red” but they then have to do some other funny thing like “bark like a dog” this was the funniest thing ever. My dad had fun making his own up trying to trick the kids with them, it was fun! Serena was trying so hard to win by the time she won her face was beat red, and her legs are still sore!







After the kids wore off lots of the sugar off during our game of Twister, we played a game of Yahtzee. The girls and Anthony are the ones who joined us for this game of Yahtzee, the other kids played Scrabble Catchprase.





We also played a bunch of games of Scrabble Catchprase all together. The girls have enjoyed this game so much they played it the entire day on New Years Day.








Some of the kids enjoyed playing Jenga, well not really playing the game… Using the pieces to stack. The kids also found out it is really fun to use your party blowers to knock over your own Jenga tower 🙂

At midnight it was time for the party blowers and noise makers, and a toast with sparkling pop. I was amazed that all of the kids made it till midnight, I guess it probably had something to do with sugar. Which as you can see by midnight had been put away 🙂











It surprised me even more that Ethan made it until 2:30am with the kids. He is my kiddo that is in bed reading stories between 7:30 and 8:00pm every night and asleep by 8:30 for sure! This is what he looked like by 2:30am.


What better place to fall asleep after a long night of fun and goodies then with your dad!


 So precious!



Thank you so much Hasbro for allowing us to have an amazing New Years Eve! It is one my kids will remember for sure!

Thank you for sharing!!

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