Thank you for sharing!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas and New Year! We have been enjoying our break from school and the time together before we start back up.  We had such a wonderful and blessed Christmas and New Year’s, although it sure seemed strange to not have snow on the ground this year I can’t remember many years with no snow on the ground for Christmas. Illnesses are hopefully completely on their way out of the house now for a little while, Serena is on antibiotics for pharangitis and ear infection, and Gabe is also on antibiotics for bronchitis I am still slowly but surely feeling better, thank you for the get well wishes that were sent to us, they are appreciated. With 6 kids and Christmas even if each one doesn’t get to many things, it ends up piling up fast, so there has been lots of rearranging, purging, and organizing going on. Along with lots of fun family activities together!

On another note at the beginning of the school year, Serena decided this year she was going to try k-12 online public schools and has been struggling for quite a while with the amount of work load that is required (9-12 hours a day of book work) and also the dryness of public school curriculum. We have been praying about it, and have decided that at this time k-12 is not a fit for us at this time. We had such a hard time with this decision because she is already half way through the school year and the program is wonderful, but the struggles were making her so upset, I just couldn’t justify leaving her in the program to finish off the year. So Serena will be doing school with all of us for the rest of the year.

There are a few new projects I am working on for my blog the new year, first posts on how we organize some of the areas in our house, with 6 kids and a smaller house, it can be a very big challenge especially once Christmas is done. Second we were blessed and given the “Alert Program” to review I am working on posts for the program and how it has helped our family with the many sensory problems we deal with in our house on a regular basis. Lastly I am changing things around on the blog adding a few new features to hopefully make searching the site easier, along with a new design.

Now onto some of the fun things we have been up to during break…

Legos are always a winner for kids, they are something that get pulled out almost on a daily basis in our house. With the new sets they got for Christmas they were even more popular!

Gabe got Lacing Sweets for Christmas, which he isn’t able to lace quite yet, so for now he enjoys just scooping them from 1 bowl into the other.


Snap Circuits is something we discovered last year for Dustin, he added to his set this year, and has been enjoying them along with the little boys. In the picture they were using the flying disk and shooting it into the air. The kit can be made into 500 different projects some that were included are a lie detector, am/fm radio, a light, sound activated alarm, and many more.

This was a set I found for really cheap on Amazon before Christmas. Dustin has really enjoyed it, him and Ethan have built many things during break using this kit. One nice thing with the kit is that younger and older kids can easily use it, and to make it even better no mess!

This was Ethan’s big gift and a new favorite in the house. Ethan still struggles with the RC controls a little but is learning them quick also the boulders are very easy to lose track of (especially when you have hardwood floors.) The ramps are bigger to help steer the truck, they can drive the truck onto the elevator and it automatically sends them up to the 2nd level. The trucks can also be driven to spots where the boulders are loaded and unloaded automatically.

Thank you for sharing!!


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