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STEM is such an important thing for children to learn. It’s even more important to make it fun for them. With so many different products out there, knowing which ones will be fun and worth the investment can be difficult. Today, I have a new product to share with you that my younger boys have spent many hours designing with. One that has become a favorite STEM toy in our house

Building With Circuits Circuit Cubes Collage Facebook

Disclaimer: We received the product and compensation to try out it out and share our experience with our readers. We were not required to share a positive review, and I only share products we truly love. Read our disclosure policy for more information.

Gabe was so excited when we first received the package he couldn’t wait to get it opened. He was slightly disappointed that he had to wait for the battery to charge, patience is such a virtue lol. The nice thing is the battery has lasted a really long time after the initial charge. Lastly, the battery has a USB cord that easily charges in any device you can plug a USB cord into. This is super awesome for moms like me, who have lots of kids sharing the Circuit Cube, I don’t have to continually purchase batteries, and it’s so easy to charge up.

Each of the kits come with everything you need to make many fun projects. Well unless you want to use LEGO bricks to make your own creations.

Each kit comes with a book of instructions. These instructions make it super easy for kids to follow and make their own projects. Included in the instructions are 10 different projects, but more can be found over on their website HERE.

Here is the instruction book. As you can see there are two different projects that can be made on these pages. A flashlight and a hand-crank flashlight. They have a photo that shows the materials needed to do the project, then they have step by step directions with clear easy to follow steps for kids. My kids could all follow them without any problems at all.

Circuit Cubes 

Try All Three Kits

They offer 3 different kits that are offered by Circuit Cubes, we were able to try out the bright lights kit. Although after seeing how much the boys enjoyed the kit, I think we just may purchase the other two kits as well.


The Lighthouse Project

Here is the lighthouse project. The light bulb lights up and it spins around, just like a lighthouse would do. Gabe sat and did every single project that was in the kit, well at least the ones we had the materials for. For some reason, the kit we received was missing one of the wires and we haven’t received a new one yet, so we weren’t able to complete a couple of the projects without it.



Circuit Cubes

The parts all snap together very easily. Making it easy for kids to build with.

Once Ethan finished putting all 10 projects together, he decided to get his LEGO Bricks out and start designing his own creations. Circuit Cubes are really a versatile toy for kids, they can create anything they can imagine really.  

Circuit Cubes

Purchase Your Own Kit

There are 3 different kits you can purchase off of Amazon. The regular price is $59.95 and they are currently on sale for 33% off making them only $39.95 making it a perfect time to purchase a kit to try them out!


Bright Lights




Wheelie Fun




Smart Art



Make sure to follow Circuit Cubes on your favorite social media for updates and new products!



What kit would your child enjoy? Leave a comment below letting me know, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for sharing!!


  1. Those look like such fun kits! My boys love toys like that and I love that they can do double duty counting as “school” for us too.

  2. Thosenlook pretty neat. Right up any boy’s alley.

    Our youngest has always loved the Snap Circuits sets. He has several, but never seems to get tired of them. He’d probably enjoy this kind of thing as well.

    Thank you for sharing.


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