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Helping Your Child With Language Based Learning Disabilities

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If you have ever tried to teach a child with a learning disability then you know what a challenge it can be. It can be hard not only for the person trying to teach the child but even more of a struggle for the child. If they are not given enough compassion and encouragement learning can continue to be something that they continuously struggle with even into their adult years. Forming a good relationship with these children is critical to their sucess. As a homeschool parent who has multiple children with learning disabilities, I have seen the difference it can make to not get frustrated with these children but to encourage form a relationship with them and of course make learning fun for them.

When you make the learning fun and enjoyable for these children they can surprisingly pick up topics they originally struggled with. I have heard the stories of what happens to the children who are in public schools and don’t have the luxury of all their teachers making learning quite so fun for them. These are the children who struggle, sometimes their entire life. Once learning is known as a terrible experience for them it’s hard to realize that it can be an enjoyable thing when taught properly.

We have 3 children who have Language-Based learning disabilities. The beginning of their homeschool experience wasn’t necessarily the best. Since I was taught in public schools we are taught to think that learning needs to happen with books, paper, and pencils. That is the best way for people to learn. However, that is not always the case. Coming out of the public school teaching mentatlity was one of the best things I could have ever done for everyone, not just the students.

Each of my children needed something different for them to flourish as students and people because God made each of us perfectly unique. For each of the children we needed to make a relaxed learning environment, help them to organize their daily work, and find a way for learning to actually be fun for them. Then we helped nurture skills they were good and while helping to build the skills they struggled with.

If I only would have had the book Helping Your Child with Language Based Learning Disabilities: Strategies to Succeed in School and Life I cannot imagine how much of a better start all of us would have had. Instead of having to learn many different things from trial and error I could have followed some of the simple steps and ideas outlined in this amazing book.

Disclaimer: I was given this book and was compensated for writing this post. Please know that all opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself. This post may contain affiliate links.

What is Helping Your Child With Language Based Learning Disabilities All About?

This book by Daniel Franklin, Ph.D. – author (amazon affiliate link) is helpful not only to us homeschool parents but for parents of children who are in public school as well, even public school teachers could really benefit from this amazing book.

For the homeschool parent, they lay out ideas and tips on exactly what you can do at home to help make learning fun and not a daunting task. Sectioned into each of the different language disabilities. The big idea this book teaches you is to form a relationship with your student or child. This makes the world of difference in learning. Not only do they give you advise on schoolaged children, but they also have included information on teenagers and even adults.

They even have worksheets you can print off from online that help so many aspects of teaching these children. These worksheets contain help with transitions, test prep, give tips for reading assessments, and even help with teaching your child to write. There are so many different ways you can use these to help with different struggles your homeschool student may have.

Help for public school students. This is one area I think many public school teachers need help in. My opinion is that many of these teachers are already pushed to the mad having to follow strict teaching schedules with a class full of children. Throw in a child with a learning disability and they don’t know how to make it all work. I know that there are some really great public school teachers who help these children so very much. I have also heard the horror stories of teachers, schools, principles not having a clue how to deal with these children. Or letting them get swept under the rug and just fall behind. Parents don’t often know about the services that are out there to help these children, if they do they don’t know how to properly advocate for them.

Reading through this book will give you the knowledge and confidence needed to advocate for your public school student. It walks you through your rights as a parent. Gives you step by step directions on exactly how to help your child succeed both in school and at home.

Public School Teachers. As a public school teacher, if you do not have a child with a language-based learning disability in your own home it can be difficult to understand the struggles these students have. This book will walk you through the struggles, what you can do to help these children as well as give you some stories to give you hope. It will make your next school year amazing with these and all the rest of your students.

What Did I Like Best About Helping Your Child With Language Based Learning Disabilities?

I love how this book breaks down each of the struggles these children can have and walks you through how to help them. So if one of my kiddos is struggling with a particular thing now, for example, writing is a big struggle for them. I do not have to completely reread the book to recall what they told us to do in order to help them. You can easily find just that section on struggling writers and reread that part.

I love how they not only help give you support to your child to get through school but getting through life as well. Because let’s just be honest and these kiddos who struggle, don’t just struggle with school, life for them is often hard as well.

I was amazed at how the book doesn’t tell you to give worksheets or teach them this way or that. They tell you that your child/student will do better from you having a better relationship with them. What a breath of fresh air. Letting parents and teachers know just how important a relationship with any child is, but especially your child that has a language-based disability. If there is anything I remember about my not so fun public school years it is the teachers who helped me, like really took the time throughout the year to help me understand something I was struggling with. Relationships are not only important but leave life long impressions on these kiddos.

What a great thing that they include so many different language disabilities in one book. A parent like me, who has 3 children who have different language based disabilities would have to get one book for ADHD, another for Autism, another for dyslexia, and yet another for executive functioning. Not with this book. They have all the different disabilities in one great resource. So I can find help for all of my children all together saving me not only time but money as well.

Unteachable ~ An eye opening short documentary

Please watch this short documentary on just how much of an impact 1 teacher who truly cares for their student can make. It’s short, but an eye opening documentary. These children aren’t unteachable. They just need compassion, patience, and to be taught in a peaceful environment.

Do you have questions, or need some help with teaching your child with a language-based disability? Feel free to contact Dr. Frankin, Ph.D. he would be glad to talk with you, answer your questions or help you in any way he can. Head over to his website to purchase this amazing resource for yourself or even someone you know that teaches children. It will be a treasured resource in their library.

Make sure to take a minute to follow Dr. Franklin, PhD on social media. You can find him over on.

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  1. I wish such books had been around when I was homeschooling and even before I pulled my children out of school. When my adopted daughter first came as a foster child she was in third grade and couldn’t read. Her therapist (she’d experienced a lot in her birth family) was head of special services for our school district as her day job. She did all she could from her end and told us the main roadblock to Sarah’s learning was the early trauma she experienced. Sarah was in a good special ed class with a wonderful Christian teacher and learned to read there, but I had no idea how to help her at home except to keep reading aloud often and giving her encouragement when she did try to read at home.


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