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I have a very yummy recipe for everyone just in time for Easter. Now even though we very carefully watch what we eat, it is nice to have a treat every once and a while, and holidays is the time that usually happens around our house. When we were little my mother would make chow mien noodle cookies and they were delicious actually one of my favorite cookies, one year she made the cookies into nests and filled with HERSHEY’S Candies. So I decided to take some of the HERSHEY’S goodies that we were sent and make our own HERSHEY’S Chocolate Easter Nests. Chocolate Easter Nests Ingredients:

  • Chow Mien Noodles 10 oz
  • HERSHEY’S Chocolate Chips 16oz
  • Butterscotch Chips 16oz
  • Hershey’s Candies to fill your nests (ex. WHOPPERS ROBIN EGGS, ROLO Candies, Jelly Beans, HERSHEY’S KISSES Milk Chocolate)
  • Wax Paper or cookie sheet


  • Melt HERSHEY’S Chocolate Chips and Butterscotch Chips on the stove or microwave until the chocolate chips and the butterscotch chips are melted together, stir together until thoroughly mixed.


  • Pour in the chow mien noodles into the chocolate mixture, use spoon to mix the chocolate until all the noodles are well coated.

P1120447 P1120448

  • Take a spoonful of the covered chow mien noodles and set it on wax paper or cookie sheet, form into the shape of a nest. Repeat until all of the chow mien noodles are used up.


  • Put nests into the refrigerator for about 30 minutes or leave them out for about an hour to let them harden.
  • Fill nests with goodies! ex. HERSHEY’S Kisses Milk Chocolate, WHOPPERS ROBIN EGGS, ROLO Candies, Jelly beans, or any other candy you choose, we used WHOPPERS ROBIN EGGS, and a HERSHEY’S Kisses Milk Chocolate.


  • Enjoy!!

P1120455 HERSHEY’S Bunny Trail area on the HERSHEY’S site is a wealth of resources for Easter, as well as other Holidays. It has tons of Easter recipes, Easter basket ideas, printable coloring pages, and lots more stop over and your sure to find some great new ideas, tips, or fun ideas for your family. These Cinnamon Chip Muffins and the Peanut Butter Chip Banana Muffins sound like a new and delicious recipe that we will be trying from the Hershey’s Easter page. I am always on the look out for a new delicious muffin recipes due to the fact that they are regular snacks in our house.

Hershey’s Easter Prize Pack Giveaway

I have been given a HERSHEY’S Easter Prize pack full of HERSHEY’S Easter candy to giveaway to 1 lucky winner. How to get entered to win: LEAVE YOUR EMAIL IN THE COMMENT SO I CAN CONTACT THE WINNER!!!

  1. To enter leave a comment below sharing your favorite Easter tradition AND favorite Easter craft/activity found on
  2. You can also share about the fun found on Hershey’s using the hash tag #bunnytrail for an additional entry. Leave separate comments for each of the different entries. Please leave the link to the tweet or Facebook share using the #bunnytrail hashtag in the comment.

This giveaway will be open through 3/31/2014, I will draw the winner and contact them through email. I expect an answer back within 48 hours or a new winner will be drawn. DISCLOSURE: I received products for review purposes from HERSHEY’S and a stipend from Global Influence Network. This promotion has not been endorsed or approved by The Hershey Company. To read my disclosure policy click HERE.

Thank you for sharing!!


  1. We love doing Easter egg hunts at my mom’s house. In fact, the kids ask to do one every time we go, so we often do Easter egg hunts all year round!

  2. My favorite tradition is doing Easter baskets~!
    The recipe from the website that looks the best to me is the peanut butter bunnycakes!

  3. We all get together at my house for Easter and the grandchildren have a scavenger hunt for their baskets and then we all eat a big meal. I think that I would love Chocolate-Maple Breakfast Syrup made with dark chocolate and it would be so great on pancakes or hot biscuits

  4. My favorite Easter tradition is doing an Easter egg hunt for my grandsons. They love it!
    My favorite craft is the WHOPPERS ROBIN EGGS Wreath!

  5. Our Easter tradition is to be with family on Easter Sunday. The whopper wreath is sweet and I would like to try to make it.

  6. I like the Perfectly chocolate Easter Bunny cake and favorite tradition is hiding the kids Easter baskets and watc hing the fun begin Easter morning with them searching for them to see what the Easter bunny brought them

  7. My favorite Easter tradition—-> The sunrise service outdoors.

    From the Hersheys website, Egg Holders – Easy…This is a good way to display the eggs we always dye.

  8. I love to color Easter eggs and create Easter baskets.

    From their site< I love the recipe for the Velvety Chocolate Cream Pie.

  9. My favorite Easter tradition is the baskets. The baskets was always a big thing to me and I make sure to go all out for my kids. It’s like Christmas all over.

  10. I really like the Reese’s eggs “Great Race” project. So cute. I may also use the pack a smile project to make goodies for my kids’ school “Spring Party”.

  11. My favorite tradition is making Easter eggs with my nephews the day before. / I love the Whoppers Robin Egg Wreath. / danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

  12. I loved it when my little sister and I would try to make our own confetti eggs. We would get eggs from the fridge and make a hole on top to remove the egg whites and the yolk (which was used to make scrambled eggs). Then we would dunk the eggs into water with food coloring. After it is colored and dry, we would cut up colored paper(sometimes colored by us) and call it the confetti. We would then stuff the eggs with the confetti and cover the hole on the egg with paper. Then we would go outside and break our eggs!

    • I almost forgot! I am probably going to try to make the peanut butter easter bonnets, because they are cookies with peanut butter and Reeses which are so yummy! I would also like to make the Easter critter cups, because they are so cute!

  13. I love being able to have easter egg hunts now that we have grandkids. I missed it. Id like to try the miniature easter egg tree craft with my grandkids.

  14. My favorite tradition is creating clues and hiding eggs for my kids around the home! Visited the site and I really like the recipe for MOUNDS Coconut Easter Basket Cake

  15. We love creating Easter rabbit footprints for our kids in chalk so they know the Easter bunny came! The paper towel roll bunnies on the Hersey’s website looks like a cute craft too.

  16. Favorite Easter Tradition has always been the Easter Egg Hunt for candy and prizes. I like the Hershey’s Kisses Easter Flower Pot Bouquet as a fun craft. It would be a fun gift for kids to give to anyone young or old.

  17. I love to decorate eggs with my kids. It was always my favorite growing up and now I get to do it with my kids.

  18. My favorite tradition is the Easter Egg hunt and filling all the eggs with candy. I like the Easter Bunny Egg Racers

  19. Favorite tradition is looking for hidden easter eggs. I love the Easter Basket cupcake recipe!
    seyma_bennett AT

    • Amberjane,
      Thanks for stopping by, it was my mothers idea years ago. They were originally just chow mien noodle cookies and they were always one of my favorite growing up. One time she made them into nests for my kids for Easter, that’s what started the idea. Now we make them since she isn’t around to do it anymore. Thanks for hosting. Have a blessed weekend!!

    • Carole,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving a comment. I had not heard of your linky party, I’ll have to stop by and check it out!! Have a blessed weekend!!

  20. I’ve been seeing these nests around for Easter but can’t help thinking how great it would be to go along with our bird studies in the spring. I’m pinning these for our science unit!

    • Joanne,
      They sure would be great for bird unit studies too, I never though of it though! Thanks for the great idea!! Thanks so much for pinning and for stopping by. Have a blessed weekend!!


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