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I have already posted about our other kids homeschool curriculum for the year, our group classes, and How I Teach. Today I am going to share with you our choices for our high school curriculum for the year. This year we have a 10th grader as well as a 12th grader. Yes, that means that we will be graduating our first child this year!!

High School Curriculum Choices

High School Curriculum Choice for the 2015-2016 School Year

Serena 12 Grade ~

Serena worked on her previous years of High School classes and in Junior High she has very few classes this year. Below is a list of the classes she will be taking, most of which are prep classes for the CLEP Exams she will be taking. With her taking the CLEP exams, she will be able to test out of the first 2 years of college (which is what the Ron Paul Institute recommends).

I am proud of how hard she has worked during her high school years, she is really an amazing young lady. She has finished her classes each year, been studying for the AP Exams (CLEP Exams), and also works on the farm to pay for her bills.

All of her classes that she is taking are part of the Ron Paul Institute. This program has been AMAZING for her and was just what she needed to help to teach her independence. It will also help her get through college for less then $20,000 for a bachelors degree! It is a very reading intensive program so I will say it will not be something Dustin will use in the future, but for her it has been perfect and WELL worth the investment.

Civics ~ Government 1 / 2.

English ~ Western Literature 1 / 2.

Science ~ Chemistry.

Economics ~ Economics.

CLEP prep classes


Natural Sciences.

Analyzing / Interpreting Literature.


Dustin 10th Grade

Dustin is showing so much responsibility and really grown up over the last year. He is dong his school work, working about 20 hours a week, and practices about 20 hours of gymnastics a week at the gym. He has been coaching gymnastics for about a year now, and been in gymnastics classes since July.

This year we decided to put him at level 5, but next year they are planning on putting him into level 8 gymnast. After only doing gymnastics for 1 1/2 years I think that is pretty amazing!!

Dustin is my kiddo that struggled with ADHD for many, many years. It was always a constant struggle for him to sit and do his school. Now that he is working very hard at the gym he very rarely has any problems with concentrating. He is still forgetful occasionally but his energy is being focused into gymnastics and the results have been amazing!!


Math ~ Math U See Geometry.

English/Language Arts ~ Last part of Analytical Grammar, Beyond the Book Report.

Science ~ Apologia Exploring Creation through Biology  following these lesson plans.

Physical Education ~ Gymnastics classes and coaching classes.

Health ~ LifePac Health – High School.

Social Studies/History/Bible ~ Genesis – Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt. (group class)

Scripture Memory ~ Verse Packs ~ Using the Scripture Memory System.


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Wondering what curriculum we have used in past years?


Want to read in depth how we homeschool our kids in their younger kids? 

I am a co-author in the book, How We Teach ~ The real lives of homeschoolers from classical to Unschooling and everything in between. I wrote 4 different chapters in the book, which are.

Practical Life Skills: You Will Be Amazed How Much Your Preschooler Can Do.

A Delightful Angle on Preschool Math.

Montessori Practical Life Skills.

Frustration Free Kindergarten Math.

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