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Trying to find a science program for my High Schooler has been interesting and exhausting. So when we were given the opportunity to review High School Science ~ Chemistry for the Schoolhouse Review Crew, we were very excited to try this new program for us!

We were given High School Chemistry In Your Home to review and have been using the program for the last 8 weeks with our daughter (14) we will continue to use this program as her 11th grade science program for the upcoming year. The High School Chemistry program is a comprehensive science program for high schoolers, it covers every bit of material that your student should be learning and does it in a very interesting way.

There are 2 books that are needed for this program ~ the student manual and ~ the parent manual, you will also need some materials to be able to complete the labs that are found in this Chemistry Program as well!


Inside the Student Manual ~ they have questions for your student to work on weekly as well as their laboratory work. The student manual is to be used as a guide for students to follow when using The High School Science ~ Chemistry. Students will read through the lessons daily and then do a weekly lab pertaining to what they are doing for that unit. Each of the pages are punched so your student can easily put into any 3 ring binder. They also include the chapter tests, and the yearly exam with the student manual.

Here is a picture of the student manual, it is already 3 ring hole punched so that it can be put right into a binder, which is wonderful.



Here is an example of one of the pages with questions on it.

They even have page dividers in between the different sections inside the student manual, making it super easy to find the section you are looking for.P1060103

The student manual also includes all the tests and final exam which is also 3 hole punched to be able to go right in the binder with the students work pages, or in moms 3 ring binder to be given out when they are needed.P1060105 P1060107

The Parent Manual is a spiral bound book that lists all the materials that your student will need while they are working on their Chemistry class as well as a weekly list. It also lets parents know the information that their student should discover while working through each unit. They have detailed explanations of the labs and the experiments for those of us parents who do not remember all the information that they learned in High School Chemistry. Of course you can also find all the answers to the quizzes and exams as well as the work pages.

Here is the Parent Manual it is a nice sturdy book, with dividers so you can find what section you are looking for easily.




If you were paying close attention you will notice I didn’t mention a student text book, now you would think all science programs should come with a text book in order to complete the work. Well this is what I thought before we started this Chemistry course, since starting the Chemistry program I have learned that you do not need it. There are a few different options for your students text book, they can use an existing science text book and read the sections that pertain to what they are learning for the week, or you can do what we did and go to the library a couple times a week and find books on the topics that are being taught.

I will have to say there are a couple of my children that would most definitely need to follow along with an actual text book, but Serena is NOT one of them! She loves to research different topics which is what she gets to do, she is picking the information up more having to find it on her own, plus it gives her a good excuse to go to the library (her favorite place) ! She knows right where the Chemistry books are located at the library and will just find the book she needs to complete the weeks tasks. Labs are obviously done at home!


What Did We Think Of High School Science ~ Chemistry?

Serena has been using the High School Science ~ Chemistry program for 8 weeks as her full time science curriculum. She has really been enjoying the science program, one of her struggles with science is that she doesn’t like to do many experiments in science which leaves me to very closely monitor whither they are actually getting done or not. This program is set up so that there is only 1 lab a week, so there is not weeks where she is supposed to do a lab every day. This just in itself has been such a big help and has made it so that I am not having to check to see if all her labs are done she will just do them because 1 weekly experiment is so much better than 4 a week.

Not only does this program give her the independence to choose what books she will learn from, it gives her a variety of different books on the topic, but it also is teaching her independence for her own learning, looking for the information to answer questions she has. I feel is a quality you need to have as an adult and best learned through the responsibilities as a high schooler.

To be honest I have never seen Serena so excited about any science program, at first she was upset that there was no text book to follow, but starting with her first trip to the library the first week, she feel in love with the program and told me “Mom, I think I am going to LOVE this Chemistry Program.” Since her first day she is excited to head to the library 2 times a week to complete her work!

I would without a doubt suggest this program to any parent who has a High Schooler that is trying to learn independence for their own learning, if they love to research things on their own, or just looking for a different type of curriculum yet still a comprehensive curriculum for their High School years for their child. I’m very sure this is the science we will be using with Serena for the rest of her High School years!!


What is the cost Of High School Science ~ Chemistry?

You have a few different options when purchasing your own set of High School Science ~ Chemistry

$79.99 ~ High School Chemistry  In Your Home Manuals Set ~ This includes both the student and the parents manual

$49.99 ~ High School Chemistry ~ In Your Home Lab Kit ~ Some of the hard to find chemicals with only what you need for each of the experiments.

$110.00 ~ The Whole High School Chemistry Set ~ Both the student and the parent manuals and also the In Your Home Lab Kit ~ some of the hard to find chemicals needed for some of the experiments found in this kit.


Stop over and see what fellow crew members had to say about the High School Science programs they were able to try out the Biology and Physical Science along with the Chemistry program as well. Click the banner below!


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