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Holidays Around The World: Hanukkah

I thought it would be nice to take time out before we start our Christmas learning to learn about different December celebrations. Last week we started with Hanukkah. I had the kids use THIS scholastic website which is such a great resource, we read over the scrapbook page on the website, and filled in THIS free printable scrapbook page with information and pictures of the holiday.
We listened to some Hanukkah songs I found HERE, the site has quite a selection of Hanukkah songs to listen to, including the blessings that are sung as the Menorah is being lit every night, and the song sang while playing dreidel.
I printed off the Hanukkah word wall words for Cody and Anthony to study for the week.The kids also did a cut, paste, and writing activities using those vocabulary words found at Ed Helper and a few of the fun Hanukkah word searches, puzzles, etc..
Of course it wouldn’t be a Hanukkah celebration without playing Dreidel and Potato Latkes, so I printed off the dredel template from Enchanted Learning onto card stock paper and had each of the kids make their own Dredel to play with while I was at school with Ethan, so no pictures. This weekend Serena will be making Potato Latkes for us all to try.
I printed off a compare contrast worksheet, and a page from Ed Helper the kids will be writing a compare contrast story about the similarities and differences between Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa at the end of our studies. I also printed off  the Reading Comprehension pages that were Hanukkah related from Ed Helper.
We spent last week studying Hanukkah, this week we will be on Kwanzaa, and then 2 weeks on Christmas Symbols, that is my tentative goal for now at least 🙂

Thank you for sharing!!



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