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5 Days Of Preparing For The Holidays

As I said in my previous post, we are working hard this year to learn more about the TRUE meaning of Christmas some of the ways we have done that I have shared previously about are:

The older kids have been woking out of a couple different things, one of which is Amanda Benitts 153 page Christmas Unit Study. This is a 4 week study that provides daily classes for both younger (elementary) and also includes lessons for the upper grades (Jr/Sr High) as well, which is a blessing to a mom trying to teach kids of many different levels.

The daily learning plan is given for the younger grades and upper grades each day, each of the lessons contain the following:

  • Today’s Passage: Gives you a verse for the day the younger boys read, and copy their verse each day into their Christmas Notebook they are working on, they also are required to memorize 1 verse each week. The upper grade kids are reading, copying their verses each day, and memorizing 2 verses each week. The daily verses are longer for the upper grades than the younger grades verse so each child is challenged just enough. Because this has replaced handwriting for most of the kids I also require them to write their daily verse in their best handwriting, or cursive if they are working on that!
  • Words Of Wisdom: They give a list of words upper grades have more difficult words than the younger grades, each of the words are Christmas related. I have Anthony (8) working on 2 of the words a day, Cody (10) doing all 4 of the words, Dustin (12) doing 2 of the words, and Serena (14) working on all 4 of the words each day. The kids write the definitions for their words onto a page, and then write a sentence using each of the words. I also am having them do a spelling quiz at the end of each week so they are also working on spelling the words.
  • People and Places to Know: This is a section I have been having each of the kids work on in their Christmas Journals. Each day they list a person, or place and then ask the kids a couple questions which require them to research. For example on day 1 the kids researched Jesus, who he was, answered a couple questions about him and then write a paragraph about it. They have clickable hyperlinks for sites to help your kids with their research!
  • Read and Discover: This section is also done inside the kids Christmas Journals. ┬áThe kids are asked questions, the younger grades have few questions each day to be put into a paragraph the questions pertain to the verse that was learned for the day and are sometimes personal questions about family celebrations, and other times it asks questions from inside the scripture.
  • Internet Resources: They also provide you with some internet resources after the study, so if your kids want to learn more you have some sites handy, or if they need help finding the answers to some of their questions these sites can be quite helpful!
Included is an extensive list of Christmas Books for younger, and older children along with family reading. There is also a list of different Christmas Family Project Ideas to work on, and a weekly list of websites that are great for my older kids to explore!
Each day the kids are required to do their Christmas studies, twice a week we are doing some type of family activity above and beyond doing The Truth In The Tinsel with the younger boys. Each of the kids are making a Christmas Scrapbook where they will continue to add to their scrapbook each Christmas. I will share them after they are more completed!
What is your family doing this season to remember the REAL meaning of Christmas?

If your looking for other Christmas ideas to do with your kiddos check out my Christmas Pinterest board!

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