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Because of how much lots of people gets caught up in all the gifts and giving the TRUE meaning of Christmas tends to get lost, so this year really wanted to do something special with the kids for the month of December, to put back the real meaning of Christmas for my kids. So we are working on a few different programs I purchased this year to help with that! Today I am going to introduce you to one of the programs we are using for the little boys (Gabe and Ethan) for Advent this year. This is not a review product, I was not given this product at no cost. I am just sharing a wonderful way to help you and your family during Advent using this amazing ebook that I have found amazing for our family!

Truth In The Tinsel: An Advent Experience For Little Hands Ebook is a complete hands on Advent study for kids of all ages. It has 24 days worth of Advent Activities for each of the days leading up to Christmas! The lessons are suggested to take about 30 minutes each day. Each of the days lessons contain the following:

The Clue- You have a choice to print out the “clue” cards provided, and put them into your own Advent calendar, or you can use the paper chains provided and pull off a chain with the clue on it for each day. The clues give the kids something to listen for during the bible story for the day.

The Scripture- Each day there is a bible verse to be read, of course it has your clue word in it to! You can read the daily bible verse from your own bible or you can click on the hyperlinked verse and read it online.

The Ornament- After the daily bible verse the kids make an ornament that is related to their clue for the day. Included are templates needed for some of the ornaments, and a complete list of supplies needed for the craft. They even include a color pictures of the ornament during different steps, and the completed ornament so you can see what the finished project should look like!

The Talk- While your children are working on their ornaments they have included discussion questions and things to talk about with your kids which helps to get the kids really thinking about the verse! Things like asking How Do You Think That Person Felt? and more.

Extras- Also included are extra ideas you can do with your kids pertaining to the verse of the day. This is great for parents who want to dig in deeper on a subject, or for kids interested in learning more! They have included links to websites, songs to download, DVD’s to watch, activities to do with the family, and more!

I am amazed at all that is included in Truth In The Tinsel: An Advent Experience For Little Hands Ebook! Amanda (the author) has included a complete daily lesson for Advent that helps to reiterate the real meaning of Christmas by helping your children become familiar with Jesus, the characters, symbols, places and more of the Christmas Story!

Amanda, includes a complete supply list, a daily supply list, and even a list of the templates you will need to print out for the whole 24 days! There is even many great hyperlinks in the ebook to help you further study any topic that is of interest to your children.

Being a mother herself, Amanda understands that December can be a very busy month and that it might not be possible for all families to do an ornament every day for 24 days, so she also includes four different ways you can adapt Truth In The Tinsel into your Advent experience by including alternate schedules. Here are the different ways you can schedule Truth In The Tinsel: An Advent Experience For Little Hands to best fit your needs:

  • You can choose to just learn about Just The Basics and spend 6 different days working on Truth In The Tinsel,
  • You can spend 10 days using Truth In The Tinsel, learning about the people and heavenly beings found in the Christmas Story.
  • You can spend 6 days using Truth In The Tinsel, learning the Books of the Bible talking about the Christmas Story.
  • You can spend 6 days using Truth In The Tinsel, learning about the prophecies and foreshadowing of Jesus’ future ministry.

We decided to make our Advent Calendars, we used one of the many great craft ideas found in The Artful Winter Ebook. Ethan and Gabe each made their own, so they could each have their own “clue.” We put our daily clues under each of the numbers on our calendar, so each day the boys rip off the number and under is the clue for the day. This has already been something that the little boys look forward to each day, and have been really enjoying you can read my full post about our Advent calendar and get entered to win 1 of 3 copies of The Artful Winter. I will be sharing our ornaments that the kids have made as we go along here on the blog each week, stay tuned…

Would you join us and the many others, as we take 30 minutes each day out of our busy days this month to teach our children about Jesus this Christmas using Truth In The Tinsel? 

You can purchase the Truth In The Tinsel: An Advent Experience For Little Hands Ebook for ONLY $4.99! This is an amazing price for this wonderful program for kids, you won’t be disappointed!

You can also join us as we share our ornaments, and encourage each other through our Truth In The Tinsel: An Advent Experience For Little Hands journey, over on the Truth In The Tinsel Facebook Page.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, all money received from affiliate links are put back into our homeschool materials, and the cost of running this blog.

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