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We have been homeschooling our 6 blessings for the last 13 years now. Deciding our homeschool management during the holidays is something that I decide at the beginning of our school year. I think making sure that the holidays are as less stressful as possible is very important. I want everyone to make fun and happy memories not be stressed out with everything going on.

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Our homeschool has changed drastically over the years and even from year to year. Some years we have little ones underfoot, other years we have 6-8 hours of therapy a week to balance in, some years we spend more time with family as a close family member is about to pass away, and others we have kids who are struggling with certain subjects that take more of my time to assist with. Every one of these years looked different from the next. So what works for us will not always work for everyone else. Do what works best for you and your family.

Homeschool Management During The Holidays

Finding out what works best for our homeschool is not something that happened easily. The one things I know is that every single year we will have problems arise. So I have learned to just schedule accordingly. It has become much easier to do this at least for us since we started homeschooling year round!

Homeschool Management During The Holidays You Need To Know Social Media

Homeschool Management During the Holidays

Homeschool Management During THe Holidays

  • Take Enough Time Off ~ When we first started homeschooling I thought we needed to take minimal time off of our studies. We would take a couple days off for Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas off. As time has gone on I have realized that isn’t the way it needs to be. It made the holidays stressful, rushed, and honestly not very fun. Now that we homeschool year round I schedule us to take the whole week of Thanksgiving off. For Christmas, we take the entire month of December off. We may be off of our regular studies, but we still have fun with things like summer readers or hands-on learning ideas. We will work on fun projects like 101 Great Science Experiments, STEM Christmas Projects Like Candy Cane Science, making galaxy slime, work on art, or learn a life skill.

Homeschool Management During The Holidays

  • Plan In Advance ~ We plan out our school year before the start of the year so I know what to expect. Now I can say I plan in advance, but that doesn’t always mean that is how it will happen in the end. I have learned to plan for extra breaks every year so when life happens we are not taking off time we don’t have to take off. I also like to plan out what fun or educational things we will tentatively do during the break. Having a schedule or list of things planned like doing an extra elective helps us to not waste some of our break with the planning process or the purchasing process.

Homeschool Management During The Holidays

  • Start Purchasing Early ~ I make sure to start purchasing gifts for friends and family. I start purchasing each year at the end of summer. There are many times I can find better deals this early versus waiting until the after Thanksgiving rush. That means I usually don’t skip my family Thanksgiving by joining in the days of Thanksgiving sale chaos. I also love sneaking in some summer readers as gifts during the holidays.

Homeschool Management During THe Holidays

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  • Have Fun ~ While we do take time off for the holidays we always take time to have fun. This means we will do hands-on learning ideas, crafts, work on hands-on activities, make delicious food,  and have a great time together. Last year for the week of Thanksgiving we made printable fun workbooks. We pull out our pearler beads and make magnets out of them. I love having the kids help me look for fun holiday crafts or recipes to make together. The ideas are endless like learn to play a new instrument. Oh, and Pinterest can be a huge help for finding some great ideas to do!

Homeschool Management During THe Holidays

  •  Get Plenty Of Rest ~ Nothing makes for a more stressful holiday season then us mamas being short on sleep. Getting plenty of sleep and taking care of ourselves is so important. Not only during the holidays but all year round too.

Homeschool Management During The Holidays

  • Teach The Real Reason For The Season ~ Every year I work very hard to make the Christmas season about the REAL reason for the season. I want my kids to really realize that it is not about all the gifts, lights, and whatnot but that it is all about JESUS. I put together a post that shares all the different things we do to teach the REAL meaning of Christmas to our children.

Homeschool Management Durng The Holidays You Need To Know Square What are your best tips for homeschool management during the holidays? Leave a comment below letting me know, I would love to hear from you!!


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Thank you for sharing!!


  1. I love this! We have been considering homeschooling year round also. I think it would really help us to feel less pressure to get it all done. I would much rather focus on the real reason for the season. We do tend to do a lot of family activities during the holidays. Just simple things like looking at Christmas lights. It helps us to ease the stress and enjoy the time together.

  2. Your ideas are wonderful! Yes, we discovered some of these ways to decrease stress and increase edifying times too… (the hard way, lol!) Blessings as you live and love through the coming days☺

  3. We have taken the month off from homeschooling most years too and we fill our days with learning in other ways- baking together, taking day trips to see holiday lights and decor, reading Christmas stories, etc. This year with one in high school and two in middle school they aren’t as into all the holiday fun so we’ve sprinkled in a bit of schoolwork on days when we have nothing else planned and we’re trying to get at least math and reading in most days but I really have learned through the years not to stress so much because we always manage to finish up our work by the end of OUR school year. Pinned!

  4. Great advice! Once I embraced the idea that all of life is educational, I was able to relax enjoy our time during the holiday season without putting so much pressure on myself and the children.
    Thank you for sharing with us this week at our Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop. Merry Christmas!


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