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Teaching Textbooks 4.0 Homeschool Math Review

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DISCLAIMER ~ We were provided with the program and compensated for an honest review of the program. We were not expected to share a positive review. All opinions are the true opinions of my children or myself.

If you have been following along on our homeschool journey you would know a few years back we made a switch to Teaching Textbooks. Before the switch, we had been using the same math curriculum for our 6 kiddos for many years. While we surely loved the curriculum it wasn’t without its downfalls, but what curriculum isn’t. Since making the switch we have been beyond happy about it. The downfalls the previous program had were all fixed, and honestly, I cannot think of many downfalls at all to the new program. Matter of fact if you were to ask any of the kids which program they prefer every single one of them has said they much prefer Teaching Textbooks. So needless to say this was one of the best curriculum switches we have ever made.

Just a quick review of some of the GREAT reasons we have been super happy about the switch in programs. One of the main things that drew us to Teaching Textbooks was the simplicity and affordability for big families. Not all math programs accommodate the fact that big families will be using the program, okay scratch that, not many homeschool curriculums period take that into consideration. If you were to add up the cost of a math program for 6 kiddos, let’s just say that it often ends up being pretty expensive pretty quickly. The fact that Teaching Textbooks offers a family plan that is well worth it for bigger families makes getting a great math program at an affordable rate attainable.

Second off GRADING. Can I just ask the question, am I not the only homeschool mom who struggles to keep up in the grading department. I always have great intentions, and honestly many of the classes we do together and I can just keep tracking of how they are doing every day when we work on the class. For other classes that the kids do independently, I can often get behind and would find myself doing weeks of grading at a time. The fact that Teaching Textbooks does all of this for me is AMAZING!!! I can just log on weekly and check the grades to make sure they are not falling behind. Matter of fact if they did get a bad grade, I can reset the work page and have them redo it watching the videos they provide to see what they missed or misunderstood during the lesson. Despite the fact that they do everything for me, they also offer me the freedom to fix and quirk anything just the way I want it.

What’s Different In Teaching Textbooks 4.0 Online Math?

So there are some differences in the new version so today I am going to get into some of the changes. First off for those of you who originally had 3.0 and will need to upgrade to the new version, it was super simple to make the switch. Of course, as you would suspect, it has a bit of a new and updated look with new backgrounds for the students, new buddy choices, and stickers. While the a bit more outdated program look and such didn’t make much of a difference to us, it’s very nice to have it all looking a bit more updated. The program isn’t all internet-based as it previously was, so you have to transfer each of your students over to the new platform.

As of now, all of my kids have been able to transfer over to the new version. My older kiddo who is working in Pre-Algebra has only had a couple of days to be able to use the new program, so I’m not sure what he has to say about the updates. They made sure not to transfer each of the grades until all of the quirks were worked out first. I appreciate this, and we have had very few issues with the new program with the younger boys. I’m hopeful that we will experience the same ease of switch with the older grades as well.

The program is now an app, so it’s installed on your computer, phone, or tablet. Since it is a download you can now use the program when you are on the go and don’t have access to the internet, super helpful to those of us who travel or don’t have reliable internet. The download was really simple and we didn’t have any issues getting them switched over to the new versions. Teaching Textbooks provides very simple and clear directions on how to make the switch.

Both of my younger boys have commented that Teaching Textbooks 4.0 now has a notepad that the kids can keep notes or work on as they do their lessons. Since most of the kids needed to use scrap paper or something to work out the longer math problems with this is a fantastic way to save on paper and still give the kids the resources they need.

Homeschool Math Automatic Grading For Parents

In the teacher’s view area there are a couple of new updates. First off, they give you an overall grade now. Before you would get a grade for each of the completed lessons, but not a total average grade. Now you can keep an eye on the grade together. Secondly, You can view the date that each lesson was completed on. This has come in handy to make sure the kids are getting all of their assigned work done when they are supposed to so I’m very happy about this new feature.

One of the things I am not liking quite as much is the fact that I cannot view all of the kid’s grades on one page. Before I would log onto my parent account every Friday and check out how everyone did for the week. Now I have to log onto each of the kid’s programs on whatever device they do their work on. This is pretty inconvenient and something I hope they will eventually fix.

Overall we have been thoroughly enjoying the new update of Teaching Textbooks 4.0 and will continue to use the program for our homeschool math. My children learn their math concepts at a quick pace and really love the program. I love the program too, and to find a program that both of us love doesn’t happen so often. Looking to give Teaching Textbooks a try in your homeschool? Scroll down for more information on just how to get a free trial to see how your student likes the program. Head on over to their website to get an in-depth look at the program to decide if it might be a good fit for your homeschool math.

Purchasing Teaching Textbooks Online Math Program

You can head over and purchase a subscription to Teaching Textbooks 4.0 from their website. They offer a FREE trial of the first 15 lessons of the program that will give your student and you a chance to see what you think of the program before you purchase anything. I mean with a FREE trial what do you have to lose?

Have you used Teaching Textbooks in your homeschool? Leave a comment below telling me what you and your kiddos thought of it. I would love to hear from you!

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