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In My Life This Week:

This past week was a busy one!  Jake, Cody, and Anthony went on a Cub Scouts camping trip last weekend and had a wonderful time. I stayed with the rest of the kids and went to a birthday party for one of the kids in Ethan’s class. Everyone had so much fun!! Gabe ended up getting sick and throwing up one night at the beginning of last week and was fine in the morning, Ethan later in the week had a high fever for a day and a terrible cough, woke up the next morning fine. I’m just praying it doesn’t go through any other kids.

We have been having so much fun making lots of Christmas decorations using The Artful Winter, and Sunday was be our official cookie making day for the year, where we spent an entire day making Christmas cookies and other treats to give out to neighbors, family, teachers, and of course some for ourselves!

I also found out this week that not only does Jake have to work for 16 days straight (M-F 13+ hour days) but they are now working on Christmas day… Are you kidding me who in the world wants cable installed on Christmas?? I’m just grateful that he’s the supervisor and will be able to come back home after getting the guys out for the day, but the poor technicians have to go out and install cable all day, on Christmas instead of being with their families… I have a feeling that this will be a long and tiring 2 weeks for me 🙂

In Our Homeschool this week…

This week we were able to work down in the new school room, and everyone is really enjoying it! I have a couple more things to get finished up but the hard work is done, and it only took me 2 weeks…
The kids have been working on Amanda Bennitts Christmas Unit Study and In The Hands Of A Child Symbols of Christmas Lapbook and are not doing the rest of their classes until we start back to full school after the holidays. This has been a nice break for the kids and is one of the reasons we enjoy homeschooling year round!Gabe has almost picked up letter recognition on all his letters and also the sounds of them. He has been loving our farm dry erase marker set that I took out right before Thanksgiving and he has loved it so much I have just left it out for him. He also has been enjoying Monday nights when he gets 1 on 1 time with mommy and Serena while Jake takes the rest of the boys to Cub Scouts for the night.

Ethan has finished his Get Ready For The Code book A, he is writing letters and numbers everywhere and when I got up one morning he had found my sticky notes and this is what the fridge looked like… I guess it’s time to start his writing program full force his favorite number to write right now is 2012 🙂 He has started sounding out words all the time lately, so I guess it’s time to start working on teaching him to read, yea!!

Anthony has finished his Explode the Code Book 3 and has started working on Explode the Code Book 4. This year in handwriting, he is working on learning cursive letters this past week he really struggled with the cursive letter ‘v’ but other than that he is really picking up on it nicely and can even write his name without help in cursive!
Cody as usual is flying through everything, as usual. He is my kiddo that wants his work and will sit down and work through all of his work before even taking a break. I gave the kids a fun Christmas activity book I had printed out for the kids to work on through out the week, and he sat there for an hour and did the whole book. I started him on Singapore Math and he has been happy with this choice so far, I was skeptical about switching to this program since from what I found out kids/parents either love or hate the program!
Dustin has taken on a few new sewing projects he is making the kids a gift for Christmas, thanks to him learning how to sew! I am also trying to figure out what math program I want to put him into next, he has finished his Geometry program for the year and worked on a couple skills he needed some practice on, I’m really debating Life Of Fred for him, but not sure he would enjoy all the reading.
Serena took part in the National Novel Writing month in November she ended up behind on her goal, but still doing able to achieve half of her goal at 25,125 words, this is something she has been very serious about and if anyone messes with her while she is writing watch out 😉
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
We have enjoyed Fredrick Meijer Gardens a lot this past spring for the Foremost Butterflies and summer!  During Christmas they have a display of over 300,000 Christmas lights and over 40 different themed Christmas Trees and displays from around the world. We are bringing the kids out to look at all the trees and decorations this weekend or next week sometime, this is something everyone is really looking forward to!
The boys have their last Cub Scouts meeting until after the holidays on Monday and are having a Christmas Party in celebration.
I am praying for…

My thoughts and prayers are with all the people affected by the Connecticut shooting, from the victims who’s lives were taken in this act of violence but also the families of all the survivors who’s children have been exposed to something I cannot imagine a child that little exposed to. I pray that God gives them peace and strength to get through this senseless act of violence that has put a screeching halt to their lives right before the holidays!

Things working/not working for us…

We have finished changing around our school room, after moving the room around a few different times I have been a little skeptical as to if this would work for us or I would have to rethink the layout again especially since I moved all the kids toys into the basement..

We have been doing our school all week with the new set up and I am pleased to report that I think I have found a set up that will actually work for us!!! We have the playroom and sensory motor room on one side of the basement, in another room we have all of our school desks, books, and materials accessible with most of our school supplies put onto shelves where little kids cannot get to them. Another thing that has been a lifesaver is the fact that we added a lock onto the door that leads from the playroom/sensory motor room to the school room, so now the 2 little ones can’t get into the room without supervision and trash the room! I am working on the post to give you a tour of our new school room and the playroom/sensory motor room, stay tuned 🙂

I Am Grateful for…

The fact that I have almost finished my Christmas shopping, which is a big task for a mom of 6! Now wrapping them, that usually doesn’t happen until the night before Christmas and ends up being a long night!

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Our day 1-6 from Truth In The Tinsel.
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