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Welcome to the Homeschool Mothers Journal for the week of September 13, 2013. My goal with the Homeschool Mothers Journal is to keep myself accountable, have something for my kids to look back at someday of their journey through homeschool, and also to let our family/friends keep up to date on our life!

Well if you ever would believe it things are actually starting to calm down around the house. Kids are back into the school years routines, and Ethan is doing SO much better back on a full time schedule! We managed to get pretty much all of our goals accomplished around our homeschool and only have a couple more classes to add in for the year. I’ll have to say it has been a good week!! We were not supposed to have any doctor appointments this week which was an absolute miracle, but didn’t work and we ended up going for 2 emergency appointments.

Thursday night Anthony was up most of the night with a terrible tooth ache, nothing I could do would help his pain. Now have you he had an appointment set up to go get this tooth fixed on Tuesday of this coming up week. This was a tooth that already had a filling put in but it fell out and just needed to be fixed. So Friday morning we called and they were able to get him in early in the afternoon.

He ended up having an abecess tooth and unfortunately they had to pull it out and also cut some of his gum to get the infection out. He was on soft food for 3 days to let it heal. The dentist said she has never seen a baby tooth in a kid with such huge roots, I must agree the roots we HUGE!! Which is why they couldn’t numb him completely and he could feel them pulling the tooth out some, and was brave and barely flinched. He is feeling MUCH better now!

I ended up picking up a virus and went into the ER on Friday morning. Because of the meds I am on which shut down my immune system when I get sick it can turn bad really fast and I have to stay very vigilant about my health. I have learned from past experience it’s better to go in and get on medicine RIGHT away or else I will end up being admitted into the hospital. I was happy to hear it was not another case of pneumonia and it was a virus that did not need medicine. By Sunday with some extra rest and help from my wonderful hubby I was starting to feel better!

In our homeschool…

Right now Dustin, Cody, and Anthony are working pretty independently on their own studies while I am working hard to get Ethan back on a full time schedule so he can function in the house better. We have taken the last couple weeks off of our MOH, and USA studies and will be adding them back in about 2 weeks.

The little boys started working on their Letter Of The Week Curriculum along with some added letter fun I found around the web. This weeks letter was “A” so we did lots of different “A” activities through out the week, ate “A” snacks, and did lots of apple things!

Letter “A” tracing page.

P1080946 P1080942

Open/Close containers with animal beads and acorns hidden inside. The 2 younger boys really loved playing with these and set up a pretend store to sell the acorn treats to everyone.

P1080934 P1090265

A is for Avalanche. Both of the younger boys played Avalanche a couple times this past week.

P1090264 P1090250

Apple size sorting with magnets on the back so they could be used on our magnet board.

P1090259 P1090279

Letter “A” bible verse which was ~ A soft answer turns away wrath Proverbs 15:1. I used the printables shared for Raising Rockstars over at 1+1+1=1 which she has for free!

P1090219 P1090217 2


P1090101 P1090099

Animal puzzles.

P1090184   P1090181

Letter “A” tracing page which we traced using paint.

P1090076 P1090072

Letter “A” poke page.

P1080954 P1080960

Letter “A” magnet pages with pom pom magnets and colored magnets.

P1080989 P1080983

Letter “A” dot page.

P1080969 P1080976

Letter “A” stamp page. Found over at 1+1+1=1 as a free download.

P1090164 P1090140

Letter “A” cutting practice page.

P1090117 P1090111

Playdough with letter “A” cookie cutters (airplaine, letter a, alligator, and automobile.)

P1090108 P1090102

Apple color page. Found as a free download over at 1+1+1=1.

P1090085 P1090082

We used acorns for our bingo game for All About Reading.

P1090052 P1090049

Lots of apple books were read this past week.

P1080999 P1090086

The boys enjoyed doing some of the puzzles from our box of classification puzzles.

P1090008 P1090010

P1090015 P1090012

The boys played a fun game with our puzzles that have the words on one piece and the picture on the other piece. Ethan picked a word out and then I would sound it out, he would read it to Gabe and then Gabe would go and find the picture. They ended up doing all the cards and played the game a couple other times through out the week.

P1090025 P1090023 P1090021 P1090020

Calendar time is always exciting, and a great way to practice taking turns 🙂

P1090229 P1090066 P1090138

We started working on something new this week, a Morning Calendar Notebook that I printed off for Cody, Anthony and Ethan. All of them have been working on them each morning. You can print off your own calendar notebook for FREE over at Homeschool Creations!!

P1090242 P1090237

P1080949 P1080950 P1080953 P1090185 P1090186 P1090192 P1090194   P1090237

Serena had a couple Chemistry experiments to do this week. It was haliarous watching her try to light the alcohol burner for her experiments teaching a teenager patience is not something that is easy to do lol.

P1090005 P1090103

Around our house this week…

The kids received a new pet from a friend. The fattest hamster I have ever seen in my life… His name is Bear. They all have been enjoying him, and I’m pretty sure he is pretty happy with all the vegetables and peelings that the kids feed to him, along with the exercise they are giving him each day.

P1090165 P1080932 (1) P1080931 0908132052

I caught Ethan one day just sitting in the driveway talking to the cat. Sometimes he isn’t so nice to the animals yet, so this was something very nice to see!


Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We took the kids out for ice cream on Friday night, which is a HUGE treat in this house. It was a delicious treat that everyone enjoyed!

This week was the calm before the crazy next week. With appointments every day next week with 2 most day it will be busy!!

My kiddos favorite thing this week was…

Probably going out for ice cream on Friday night. Since sweets in our house is such a rare thing, and really anything that is not homemade and only contains a few ingredients is not really eaten much around here anymore. This makes going out for ice cream a BIG treat for everyone.

My favorite thing this week was…

Our game of number memory we played on Monday afternoon. It started out with Gabe, Ethan, and myself but Anthony decided we were having to much fun to not want to join in. We played quite a few games.


P1090044 P1090043

P1090042 P1090040P1090039 P1090037P1090036 P1090029

What we have been cooking/eating…

As always there has been lots of cooking and eating going on around this house. With 5 active boys they seem to eat more and more with each week lol. Most of what we make in this house is made from scratch with no preservatives which can take more time but well worth it in the end as far as taste and nutrition!!

Ethan was so happy to see that there were pumpkins at the farmers market this past week which reminds me how close fall really is. Him and Anthony picked out a couple small pumpkins to use as decorations around the house, or to play with because cars and trains jumping pumpkins can be lots of fun to!!


Anthony helped me make meatloaf on his night to help make dinner. We made it in muffin tins for the first time. I have to say it needs a lot less time to cook because of how much smaller they are, but they were a wonderful idea I found on Pinterest a while ago.

P1090171 P1090172 P1090176 P1090177

We ate lots of letter “A” foods this past week. Starting with lots of apples!!


We did apple taste testing with 4 different types of apples from the farmers market that the boys helped me pick out on Tuesday.

0913131227 0913131235

Animal crackers were also a nice treat this week.


On Dustin’s night to help make dinner I taught him how to make homemade applesauce. He was amazed as to how super easy it was to make it. Everyone LOVES homemade applesauce and even though we make at least a 1/4 bushel, we can’t seem to keep it in the fridge.

P1090173 P1090226

We made apple coffee cake muffins for dinner and had some left over for breakfast the next day, they turned out amazing!! I hope to share the recipe soon for them.

P1090223 P1090224

We have some of our fall vegetables are still doing great in the garden. We have tons of heirloom tomatoes that are coming in every couple of days from our plants, tons of corn that is just about ready, a few zucchini’s a week still, and butternut squash that are getting huge. Our chickens have feasted and taken dirt baths in many other plants in our garden which has taught me that next year the garden will be off limits to chickens, yes, even if that means I will have to weed it more 😉


I’m praying for…

I am really praying for quite a few things, with all the things going on it this world there is lots to pray for right now!

I am praying for the victums of the flooding over in Colorado where they have received over 15 inches of rain in the past week. Right now they are on standby in rescuing the over 1,o00 victims that are stranded. As of Sunday night there were almost 12,000 people that have been evacuated and over 1,200 people still unaccounted for.

I am also praying for the safe clean up and hope of no even bigger disasters at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. With the new discoveries they are saying that radiation could hit Korea, China, and the West coast of North America pretty hard. According to CNN if the situation were to get worse (which it could) it could lead to a radioactive release that could be dozens of times bigger then Chernobyl.

I’m grateful for…

My wonderful son who is helping to get some of the chores done around the house for me. His big job for the past week were doing a complete cleaning of the chicken coop, and scrubbing the kitchen ceiling, just a couple things my arthritic hands would not be able to do anymore without some severe pain for days after. I am paying him a little money so that he can work on starting to save some money up. Really it’s a win, win situation for both of us 🙂

Jake taught him how to make our homemade laundry soap this past week.

P1090286 P1090285

On the blog this past week…

I shared our review for Ethan’s amazing new reading, writing, spelling, and phonics program that is an amazing multi-sensory program. This is a program we will be sticking with it keeps him busy while teaching him!


We are going to the Ringling Brothers Dragons circus on Thursday next week. So I had a giveaway going for a family 5 pack of tickets to the show.


Cody has been using Time 4 Learning grade 6 this year, we posted the review for the Schoolhouse Review Crew this week, stop over and see what Time 4 Learning is all about.


This next week I have a couple more vacation posts I am in the process of writing, I am also putting together  a weekly series with all of our Letter Of The Week activities all in 1 post.

I am linking up with these great linky parties as well as the following parties:


Thank you for sharing!!


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