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This week was another busy week, I have really realized with 6 kids, me being sick, and a few of my children having disabilities that a busy week during our school year is just our normal now 🙂 We were able to accomplish most of what we had planned for the week and I am starting to see everyone settle into our new school schedule now that we are back to full studies for the year.

This week we are still in “crisis” mode with Ethan. It is to the point where I am having to keep him busy with work the whole day except for maybe 1-2 hours of free time. I have to follow him everywhere he goes and supervise him every minute he is awake. I am seriously debating paying someone to come in a few days a week to work with Ethan so that I can have the time I need to work with the other kids more often and so that I don’t go crazy lol… Anyone who deals with special needs kids that requires regular monitoring how do you deal with making time for everything in a day? Leave a comment below letting me know I would love to hear your responses!!

On Wednesday for example I decided to take a 5 minute break while he was busy jumping on the trampoline getting energy out right before lunch, because we had a rough morning and I needed a few minutes to clear my mind, within 2 minutes Anthony was screaming because Ethan had taken a metal pole and hit him in the face with it and gave him a black eye. The reason he did it was because Anthony decided to get in the trampoline with him when he was getting energy out. Well it probably had a little something to do with the fact that someone decided to feed him eggs for breakfast when he is allergic to as well sigh…

Places we have been

The kids participated in the Barnes and Noble summer reading club this summer which gives each of the kids up to $15 to spend on whatever they want in the store for reading books during the summer. We brought them back and each of the kids were able to choose what they wanted, most of the kids did not end up getting books which I guess is OK since I have tons of books already in our school library I pick up at the thrift store.P1080607



I went into my primary doctor on Thursday to figure out what to do about the RA nodules on my joints that are very painful and I can’t stand them any longer and I am once again back on prednisone something I was on for 2 years and worked very hard to get off of it and stayed off of for the last 4 months.

My Rheumatologist has been gone the last 2 months and will be back for 1 week out of the next 2 months so I cannot wait for him to get back from his very long sabbatical. I am just hoping that I am not going to be having to look for a new rheumatologist soon…

I had my monthly infusion on Thursday as well, which means by Friday night after I take my methotrexate and through the weekend I am not going to have a drop of energy left to do anything and of course have lots planned…

In Our Homeschool

Last week was our second week back to doing our full studies, I also have been keeping Ethan busy almost the entire day every day, which has been pretty exhausting. We did despite that fact get lots of things done and the kids were able to start getting into a regular school routine with almost all of our classes started for the year now.

Gabe has been working on getting on a schedule and choosing things back to do at the table and putting them away back where we found them. We worked on Big and Little with a few of our shape puzzles, our Montessori Cylinder Blocks, and of course also played with puzzles from the shelves (ones of his favorite lately) and lots of other hands on learning things. Next week is our letter “A” theme, and then in the next week or 2 I plan on starting him on the Letter Of The Week curriculum I have ready for him.







Image 34

Magnets were lots of fun to play with this week!



Image 44

Image 41

The little boys helped make play doh and we added lilac oil to make it smell good. It has gotten lots of use this week!!

P1080686 P1080678 P1080701

Even the big kids enjoy playing with play doh 😉

Image 42

Trains is Gabe’s favorite thing to play with, and there isn’t a day that goes by he doesn’t play with them.

P1080921 P1080920 P1080915

Ethan has been working his way through his math, reading, writing, and phonics programs. I cannot express how much he is enjoying his Foundations A program (upcoming review for the schoolhouse review crew) he is surprising me and is doing amazing on his handwriting.



In math we are working on writing the numbers and the spelling them out. This past week was numbers 2 and 3.P1080629

We also started our All About Reading for the year this past week.




He decided to grab some purple hearts out of our math manipulatives and count them.



Magnets was not something I put onto our school shelves for the week, but Ethan begged me to take them out for him. They kept both him and Gabe busy for many hours this week!!

Image 36

One of Ethan’s favorite things to do is play with wooden blocks. First he sorts them all our according to shape, and then builds something 🙂



We had a few hot days this past week and Ethan loves playing in the rocks under the play set with trucks and a hose! It can lead to hours of fun!!





Anthony is finishing the last few weeks worth of lessons for Primary Language Lessons for the first part of the year and then will be starting on Intermediate Language Lessons. He is working on 4 digit subtraction with regrouping in math and ee also continued working on our All About Spelling for the year,





Cody is still working on Time4Learning and while he is enjoying it we have been working on learning to slow down on his work. He is my kiddo that likes to rush to get his work done which often means you miss things or don’t pick them up quite as fast.


Dustin started using pens in his drawing classes this week and is really enjoying it! You can read our review of this great Art Program here. He is still working great through his Life Pac Math program, I would have never guessed that he would have done so well with a math program well at least without mom having to remind him a thousand times to do his work lol. He also started growing carrot tops on the counter to watch them grow.


Here is one of his drawings.


Serena was able to take some of her money out of her bank account she got herself an I-Pod Touch and she purchased a bunch of her favorite books. If I don’t see her for the next few months I know why… She only has a couple more weeks of her Algebra class left for the year and then will be starting back on her Geometry class for the year. Because we did a summer review of the Math-U-See Geometry she took a 2 month break from her normal math program for the review and was finishing up the rest of her Algebra for the year. She is really looking forward to starting her Geometry program because she was loving the teacher and enjoys Geometry much more then Algebra 😉



Image 43

Here is her bookshelf in her room. Note these are all her books that she has accumulated from book swap, or purchased on her own with money she earned from babysitting, birthdays, and Christmas. Can you tell she LOVES books?

Image 45

My favorite thing of the week 

My favorite thing of the week, and the biggest hit of the week for the 3 younger kids was our water fight in the back yard for PE time. Or as Gabe calls it a Joka Soaker fight (super soaker) lol to cute 🙂 The looks on their faces lets you know how much they enjoyed it!! I figured it is a really fun and great way to help empty our pool for the end of the season.








I am praying for

I am praying for the country of Syria, and holding out a bit of hope that maybe the US will not attack them. I am also praying for the people in and around South Carolina and hoping that if we do not attack Syria the US government will not really release the nuclear weapons on them like they have predicted.

I am starting to make a post of all of our Preschool and Kindergarden activities that we do for the week again since there are tons of pictures from their fun. I should have the post finished by the end of the weekend. Stop back and check out all of our fun for our 2 younger kids!

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  1. I wonder if you have had heavy metal testing done for Ethan or any of your kiddos? My son was very much like Ethan and at five years old we were lucky enough to get hooked up with a Defeat Autism Now doctor(actually a chiropractor and nutritionist) and found out he has one of the most severe cases of heavy metal poisoning our experienced doctor has seen. His body does not make the enzyme that clears poisons so it all accumulated in him. Using natural supplements to treat him along with diet was life changing for us. My son was never diagnosed with autism but had severe hyperactivity sensory processing disorder and was extremely aggressive to the point that he could not be around any other children. Three years later, his levels are almost normal and he has several friends, something I never thought would be a possibility for him. I also highly recommend the book Children with Starving Brains which will give you some medical background as to what may be going on.


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