Homeschool Mothers Journal 8/30/2013

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This past week we have had more meltdowns and problems then we have had in a very long time. I have to admit it reminded me that even though we have come so far with him we still has some really big problems that will probably never get better ๐Ÿ™ Now I have to figure out what to do when your 5 year old is stronger then me, because when he gets into his hour long fits I can no longer hold him down but if I don’t he will hurt himself, others, scream and throw a fit all day, or break things…

Because of all of the problems we are having I am putting together our visual schedules again, making sure he has his own safe area to go to when he gets upset, making sure we are doing school down in the school room in a separate area of the house so he can separate school and home time, and sticking to a strict schedule so his routine is again predictable.

I am very behind on blogging and even responding to email because my time has been needed with my family getting things back to a somewhat normal, as well as starting our full homeschool studies for the first week. I have lots of vacation posts that I am in the process of putting together from our trip to the UP of Michigan a truly beautiful place, hopefully this week some of those things will get done.

We have had lots of appointments and places to go as usual, the kids have been working away at school are their new school year is well underway.

Where we have been going

We decided to take an evening bike ride/walk on the nearby trails the other night. The kids loved this and we were able to see over 15 deer right next to us in the woods while we were riding/walking.

Image 30

Image 29


Ethan, Gabe, and Dustin went with me for our weekly trip to the farmers market, they got a very special treat…. Cookies which is something they very rarely get anymore ๐Ÿ™‚

Image 11

Of course we had to stop at the water fountain while we were there to.

Image 18

The boys went to Metro Cruise and enjoyed looking at just a small portion of the cars on display there.




We had 3 different doctor appointments and a trip to the ER this past week all of this past weeks appointments were mine the ER trip was for Serena.

For my appointments they have decided that I need to have not only my yearly colonoscopy but I need an endoscopy done at the same time to stretch my esophagus because my RA is attacking both the colon and esophagus now.

Serena got either Poison sumac or poison oak when we went to the beach and had to go in to ER last weekend after we got back from vacation because the rash was so horrible. They put her on 60mg of prednisone for the next 2 weeks to get rid of the very horrible rash she had which has dramatically helped her, but not been so nice when she tries to go to bed.

Next week me and Serena will be heading out to the lab for blood work, I need to get my monthly blood work for my methotrexate and we will be figuring out if we need to be worried about the fact that Serena’s vitamin D level is non existent.

Wow I guess we had a much busier week then I really realized that we did…

In Our Homeschool

Ethan is continuing to work on Foundations A (A Schoolhouse Review Crew Upcoming Review) I am loving that it is 3 subjects into 1 and he is loving that they have hands on learning right into the curriculum.





He also started his math for the year.



Gabe had fun learning and doing some fun hands on activities on the letter A and of course Ethan decided he wanted to so some of the activities as well

P1080528 P1080537


Avalanche was also a hit this week for the letter “A.”




Anthony, Cody, and Gabe sitting quietly reading while Ethan was throwing a HUGE hour and a half long fit. This was one of the worst fits we have had in a long time.

Image 28

Image 25

Cody has been working on his Time4Learning another program that we are reviewing for the Schoolhouse Review Crew. It is on the computer and he is LOVING the program so far!!


Dustin has been working on a new math program this year Lifepacs this year and he is doing so great with it. He has been able to continue to work for the last 2 weeks and not skipped any days of his class that I had to tell him to go back and do WOW I’m sure that is a record for him!! He gets very overwhelmed when you give him a giant math book to work on and if you just print out a chapters worth of math pages they seem to disappear…




He has also found new friends, Cicadas… We got into a 20 minute discussion the other day about why he couldn’t let one of them fly around the house for a while because he already had a cage full of them and couldn’t fit anymore. He also realized that you can’t let any of the chickens see the cicadas or they eat them up faster then you can grab them.

Image 9

Image 10

It ended up being a very warm week this past week, so the little boys and even the big kids have been spending lots of time in the pool.

Image 3

Image 17

The little boys have been loving our Melissa & Doug construction vehicle puzzles. I love the fact that there is not only 1 but 4 different puzzles in each box.


P1080576Image 26



Serena is working away on her classes, usually in her bedroom so she can concentrate better. On top of her required classes she is also working on earning some extra credits, and working on 2 foreign languages this year spanish and either polish or latin she hasn’t decided which will be her second language yet.

What we have been reading

For our bible reading we are working our way through Romans again. This is a book of the bible we regularly read through for good character building.

The older kids are each reading their own chapter books for silent reading. Anthony is reading a Hardy Boys Book, Cody is reading The Hobbit, Dustin is reading a book from the Percy Jackson series, and Serena has probably read at least 3 books in the last week.

I have been reading My Side Of The Mountain to the kids again by request of the kids since they enjoyed the book so much while we were working on the unit study. The little boys have been choosing Dr. Seues Books each day and Gabe can now almost read Go Dog Go by himself because we have read it so much this week ๐Ÿ™‚


What we have been eating and cooking

I found some farmers who have fall squash already so we were able to enjoy some butternut and acorn squash. Everyone loved the acorn squash even Gabe wellll until he took a big bite, he ended up gaging on the texture and throwing up. One more vegetable he won’t eat, sigh… He is very picky about textures.

We have zucchinis like crazy still coming from our garden so chocolate zucchini bread has been made quite a few times, as well as our famous fruit bread which had peaches and blueberries this week. Homemade yogurt has been such a hit as usual we are going through 1- 1 1/2 gallons of it a week.

We officially have all our chickens laying eggs which means we are getting 9 eggs a day YEA!!!

Check out this HUGE egg we found this week. It was so big it wouldn’t even fit into the egg carton lol. In the end we found out it was so big because it was a twin egg with 2 yolks second one we have had in just a couple weeks. I guess thats what happens when your chickens are spoiled and are not given anything but organic produce and chicken feed ๐Ÿ˜‰ย . At least 3 kids each day eat eggs or omlets for breakfast each day.



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