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I received this product and was given compensation for this review. All opinions are the honest opinions  of my children or myself.

During the next 2 years my 4 youngest children will be going on a journey back in time to learn about 7 different well known musicians and composers (Bach, Handel, Haydn, Beethoven, Paganini, Mozart, and Schubert). They will learn about their lives, how their songs came to be and really get an in depth look into their lives all while having fun learning.

Homeschool Music Appreciation for Elementary

Teaching Homeschool Music Appreciation in your Homeschool

I will be the first to admit that homeschool music appreciation is not something I have been really good about teaching my kids. I don’t know what programs are good to use, what programs are worth the investment, or to be quite honest, I don’t know a whole lot about music appreciation at all.

That has, however, all recently changed in our homeschool. We were introduced to this wonderful elementary homeschool music appreciation program that is an amazing resource for anyone looking to teach music appreciation to any child K-6th grade. If you’re older then 6th grade, I’m sure you will learn quite a bit too. I know I sure have  😉 !

Homeschool Music Appreciation for Elementary

Homeschool Music Appreciation for Elementary



Great Features In this Homeschool  Music Appreciation Program

  • They offer many different ways for children to learn the concepts. Having a big family with many blessings, means that I have different types of learners. This means normally I would have to get different programs for different kids, but not with this program. Children learn through Lap booking, listening to music, reading / listening to stories, making recipes, bingo, coloring pages, and many other great ideas children will learn about the complete life of each musician.
  • Another thing that is very important to our family, and other big families, is teaching multiple children from the same program at once. They offer learning ideas for different age groups. For example one day my younger kids may only have a few words to do for copy work, and my older kids may have a complete sentence perfect for families with a range of ages. All the activities in this program can be altered with any age really, it is a very versatile program.
  • Flexability is another big factor in our house. Since we homeschool year round, we take off of school during different times then most schools. One reason we do this is because of the health issues we have in our family, they come up whenever they want around here. I love how the program is spread out over a 2 year period and we can flexibly use it in our homeschool.
  • We have been trying something new with Ethan. Listening therapy, which includes listening to classical music. The powers that some of these songs can have on children has been quite amazing to me. Now we will be able to teach not only Ethan, but also our other children the person behind the music and really give them an in depth understanding and appreciation of each of the different composers, as well as learn about different songs they composed.
  • Something we are always trying hard to instill in our children is positive character traits which sadly in today’s world is getting harder and harder to find. I love how the program intertwines good character qualities into the lessons. It pulls examples of the different character qualities from your daily reading and it really gives children a look at the struggles that were faced during their lives while teaching the character traits to children.


Here is a look at our Bach lap book, the boys worked on making it together instead of each making their own.Music Appreciation Lapbook Music Appreciation Lapbook

Music Appreciation Lapbook

You can find out more about Zeezok by stopping over to their website or connecting with them on the following social media:

Zeezok will be at a few different 2015 homeschool conferences stop by and meet them!

  1. Homeschooling Works – Farmington Hills, MI  March 21
  2. Great Homeschool Conventions – Cincinnati, OH  April 9-11
  3. Christian Homeschool Assoc of PA (CHAP) – Harrisburg, PA May 8-9

Homeschool Elementary Music Appreciation

Zeezok Music Appreciation Book 1 is available over on their website.

Discount Code

We have been given a discount code for Zeezok, you will receive 10% off your purchase. This deal is available  3/9/2015 thru 4/10/2015 enter ihomeschool15 for your discount.


Zeezok curriculum received two 2015 Practical Homeschooling Magazine awards

  • 1st Place Music Appreciation – Great Musician Series (the biographies the curriculum is based on)
  • 2nd Place Music Appreciation – Music Appreciation for the Elementary Grades


Zeezok is giving away 1 COMPLETE set of Music Appreciation Book valued at $169.99, to enter simply click the link below and enter your name and email address.

Disclaimer: I was provided with the program and compensation for this post. All opinions in the review were the honest opinions my children or myself. For more information visit my full disclosure.

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