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Welcome to the last day of our 6 day series Homeschool Planning A Step By Step Guide. I have covered many different topics through this series all of the links to those posts can be found at the bottom of this post. Today I am going to cover book binding, how we use it and how it saves us TONS of money!


Book Binding

Due to the fact that we have 6 children to homeschool through the years, things can get very expensive if your not careful. One of the ways I have saved a ton of money is by purchasing PDF versions of programs and then printing and binding our own workbooks. Obvously I can only do this with programs that offer PDF versions, but now a days most companies offer them.


We purchased a comb binding machine from Amazon, and throughout the years we have picked up different size comb binding to make different size books. We have not only made workbooks using our comb binding machine we have also made photo books to give as gifts for holidays which is a perfect gift idea!

While I do love my binding machine it is a little work for me. To get your pages ready to bind them you have to punch the holes in your pages, and you can only punch about 7-8 pages at a time. What I do is have my comb already ready on the machine, punch the pages, and put them onto the comb as soon as they are punched.

You can find comb binding machines that punch more pages, but I wasn’t willing to spend that kind of money, I will just spend the extra time punching the pages.

In order to make books that would hold up to the kids I also purchase covers to go on the front and back of our books we use half of a cover and binding for our smaller books, and the whole binding and cover for most workbooks.  A NOTE OF CAUTION the covers need to be punched in a different spot then the pages do because the covers are meant to hang over the pages a little for protection. If you do mess that up you can still use the covers but they will only hang over on a couple of the sides and be flush with the top.

Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space student activity books.
Our Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space curriculum for the 2014-2015 year.
Grapevine Bible Studies student workbooks.
5 Grapevine workbooks were made in all for the kids to use.
Antarctica Continent Box book found from online.
The beautiful pictures found inside the book.
Human Body Unit books printed off from Reading A-Z.
We make many different leveled readers to go along with our themes or seasons for younger kids. Most come from Reading A-Z.
Rosetta Stone French level 1, Serena’s language of choice for her freshman year.
Inside of the Rosetta Stone French Test book. Nice and organized super easy to use.

That is just one of our super easy things we do to save money in our homeschool.

What are some ways you save money in your homeschool? Leave a comment letting me know!


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