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 Homeschool Planning

In my Homeschool Planning A Step By Step Guide series so far, I have covered deciding how many days are in your homeschool year and how to put it into a schedule that works for you and  scheduling your year.

Today I am going to go over printing out all those pages and how I organize all of those pages you end up with when planning for your upcoming school year. As well as how to arrange them in spots so that they can be easily found when they are needed through out the year.



Print Off All Of Your Pages For The Year:

While I am planning, I am printing off most of our extra work pages from my online resources. I do go through each of their schedules and fill in any last gaps in their learning that need to be filled. I do this by using different online subscriptions and going through the MANY different resources I have on an extra hard drive. Yes I have so many they need their own separate hard drive and yes I found this out by filling my very large hard drive up on my computer 😕 .

The reason I print off all of our pages for the year at once is because sometimes I would not have pages prated when we needed them. That meant I would either just skip them or have to go find them again which can be quite disrupting to the kids.

Printing off all of the pages we need each year can be quite expensive if I had to purchase ink or even refill the ink cartridges we had already. So I researched and found an amazing solution that has saved us hundreds of dollars on printing!

Wonder what 100’s of printed out pages looks like? Well because I’m a blogger I took pictures of my stacks of printed pages for the first half of the year well all the pages and Montessori cards this doesn’t even include our workbooks. Believe it or not they are all organized in groups of where they needed to go.

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Print all workbooks and bind them

We save a TON of money by purchasing the digital format of programs, printing them out ourselves, and using our Binding machine to make our own books. It’s also a lot easier to keep track of a book instead of a bunch of loose pages and it just looks so beautiful! 🙂 Stop back later in the week when I will be sharing all about book binding, what programs we bind into books, and the savings.


Cut Out and Laminate things used regularly

We reuse many different things we have picked up through the years. Some of the things we use page protectors for but smaller things get laminated. While this does involve time it has saved me from having to reprint things. We love using Montessori Cards and books to go along with some of our different studies. I use THIS laminator, and THIS paper cutter to make this process smoother as well as help from the kids. (aff links) I label and store them in Ziploc bags until we need them, they are stored in the themes in our themed storage folders.

3-Ring Punch, add dividers, and Organize Programs

We have a couple programs that we use each year that need to by paper punched so that they can go into a 3-Ring binder. Below is the picture of our  Road Trip USA Student workbooks which I had 4 of them to make this particular year. Mystery Of History is also stored in a 3 ring binder for each of the kids each year.

I put the kids calendar notebooks together. You can find the FREE downloads over at Mrs. Meacham’s Classroom Snapshot. Tomorrow I will be sharing an in depth look at how our calendar time works, what I add to our calendar notebooks and more.

How To Organize All Those Pages


For storing and keeping all of the curriculum organized I use a portable file folder. This makes it easy for me to transport around to where I need it at the time and has a lid that I can put on it to store it away when it is not being used.


Once all the workbooks are bound, the planning is done, and all extra pages are printed out and sorted, it is time to go through and file each of the pages and books into, my portable file system. It is just a portable file system I found at Target, but Amazon has an inexpensive one that would work just as well.

Inside the file system I have these hanging file folders and inside I have these file folders, but you can get both at Sams Club in bulk for a cheaper price.

Some of our curriculum is stored in the front of in separate colored folders all inside a couple different hanging folders. Some of the things inside those folders are our Mystery Of History Timeline figures, Coloring pages, Tests/pretests, Character traits learning, bible story activities etc… I also put any lapbooking/notebooking pages that we have planned for the year into their own folders up there as well.

Behind my hanging files are extra workbooks or workpages for later in the year or on those days someone gets done really early for the day and needs something to keep them busy.


Behind my misc folders in the front I have 38 hanging file folders, 1 for each week of school. And thanks to my organization OCD they are in rotating color order  🙂


Inside the hanging file folders are colored file folders, each child has their own color and has 1 folder for each week.

Homeschool Planning

Inside their colored folders is their weekly workpages, each day is paper clipped together so when that day comes the pages are all together and there is no searching. I rip out pages from most of their workbooks and put them into the days work as well. There are only a couple of workbooks we leave intact to work out of.

 File All Themed Work

Because we also do unit studies, lap books, and different themes depending on the season, holidays, or science topic we have lots of extra printables that I do not want in my files. Instead I put my themed materials into Themed Activity Storage. You can read my in depth post HERE on how my themed storage system works.


Organize Your Teachers Manuals and More In Your Homeschool Teachers Binder

Our Homeschool Mom Binder is a vital part of our days. It contains all of my schedules, teachers manuals, unit study & lap book teachers guides, and more. I am giving an in-depth look into this binder later in the week.


How do you organize all of your homeschool papers? Leave a comment and let me know!

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