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 Homeschool Planning


Yesterday I talked about how to decide how many days to have in your homeschool year, homeschooling year round or taking the summers off. I also showed you how to put that into a schedule for your upcoming school year. Today I am going to share with you how I fugue out each of my kids homeschool curriculum for the year, and then put that into a calendar for us to follow for the year.

Scheduling Your School Year


Decide what curriculum to use for each child

With 6 years experience under my belt now, this has become a much less daunting chore then it once was! We have used everything from boxed curriculum, unit studies, montessori, tot trays, virtual public school, and more in the past. Figuring out each of my children’s learning styles was essential to making this task easier.

To start on a sheet of paper I write each of the subjects that I feel should be taught that year in school. I go through all the curriculum I have on hand and decide which of those I will use for each of the kids for the year. Then I fill in all the gaps with curriculum I need to purchase for the year.

Plan Out Your Year:

Once you have decided what days you will be planning on doing school, and figured out what programs/curriculum you will use with your students you get to move to plotting the subjects into weekly calendars. As I said before, I use the Schoolhouse Teachers Planners for our schedules. This planner has many different options for scheduling out your school year, and is digital which is why I LOVE it. Plus when you purchase a Schoolhouse Teachers membership you get TONS of homeschool subjects and resources with the subscription for a very low price, it’s WELL WORTH the investment in my opinion!!

I make 1 schedule for each of the kids, for each week of the school year. I print out a copy for them to keep in their student binders for them to follow each day, and I have a hard copy on my computer to update as needed.

For us, because I don’t use a set curriculum for all of our studies I have an added step in the process. I print off and fill in a monthly calendar with what each weeks theme is going to be so I know what theme we will be working on.

I also use the different sites I have a subscription to (click here to find out where I have subscriptions to) to find themed material to fit each of the different grade levels filling the spots that are left open. Ex. On Day 1 Reading Anthony will be reading a boat story and answer some reading comprehension questions from a story I printed off from During this time in our reading we will be learning about Boats/Ships as our unit for the week.

Fill In Your Calendar

  1. Add subjects to the left column under the week, I add one subject at a time and then copy and paste onto each week through the whole year. There are a couple that have more than one subject in them to fit everything needed to get done.
  2. Next, fill in the number of days along the top, I do not fill in a date until we actually complete each week of school.
  3. Lastly I fill in each day with the required work. The best way I have found to do this is to decide what classes you want to do on what days of the week. Example… every day, 3 days a week, once weekly. Fill them into your calendar using the Table Of Contents of the student or teachers book which will tell you each lesson.

It takes me quite a bit of time to accomplish this for 6 different children, but it really helps our days go so much smoother.  Stop back tomorrow when I will be talking about Organizing all of your homeschool papers in 1 spot.

What are your tips on Homeschool Planning? Leave a comment or link letting me know.



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  1. I know this post is kind of old, but hopefully you can answer this question…. I totally am on board with the idea of scheduling a Day 1, Day 2, etc, and adding a date to it once it is completed for flexibility, but how do you manage when you get part of a day’s work done, but not all.
    I.e. the baby had a doctor appointment in the morning, and so we go Reading, Math, and spelling done, but none of the other subjects for the day.
    Would you put two different dates?
    Really want to try this planning out the whole year thing, as I tend to lose all motivation and get totally overwhelmed with the planning sometime around November, but due to special needs of my homeschooled child, and being a foster parent for babies, our schedule is rather unpredictable.
    I don’t want to end up all confused because I’m on week 6 – Day 3 for Math, but week 4 Day 2 for Science, and Week 5 for everything else, or something….
    Help please!
    I’ve really been enjoying your blog. Thank you.

    • Jessica,
      Hello!! I am so glad to hear you enjoy reading my blog, I love hearing from my readers!! I also try hard to keep up with comments even on old posts 😉 !

      There are a couple things I would do in that situation. First off I would try to have the kids finish the other classes later in the day or double up the next day. If things were just too busy and that didn’t work, we would get the main classes done (reading, writing, math) and just skip the other classes. Whatever I feel is best in the situation is what I would choose. Because I really understand that life happens, I really try to be flexible but also understand if I start being too flexible we will skip to much. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask!! I hope you have a wonderful week!


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