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I don’t know about you but homeschooling during the winter months can feel really, really exhausting at times. While everyone tends to get a bit of cabin fever during these cold and dreary months, homeschoolers tend to feel it a bit more since they aren’t actually leaving their home on a daily basis to head to school.

So, what happens when that winter slump hits and starts to wreak havoc on your homeschooling plans? The easy answer? You stop it in its tracks! And while that is the easy answer, it can also be easier said than done.

If you’re looking for a few homeschooling tips on how to get over the winter slump, here are some simple suggestions that any homeschooling family can start implementing today!

Homeschooling Tips To Get Over the Winter Slump

When that cold air starts to settle it, it’s time to start thinking of ways to beat the wintertime blues.

Don’t limit your outdoor activities

Even though you may want to, don’t. Believe it or not, fresh air during the winter months is actually good to get! Plus, the moment that you call the outdoors “off limits”, the more that your indoor homeschooling space will suddenly start to feel very, very small. 

Instead if limiting your time outdoors, find new ways to embrace and enjoy it instead. Schedule hikes, plan an outdoor scavenger hunt or have your kiddos write in a nature journal about all the winter wildlife they saw. Anything that you can do to encourage getting outdoors during the winter, do! Every little bit of sunshine that you and your homeschoolers can soak up is a great way to get over the winter slump.

Plan field trips to warm, indoor activities

If you know that your geographic location tends to have brutal winters, save up some of your best field trip opportunities to do during the winter months. There’s nothing better than looking forward to some really fun activities to help get through the cold and brutal temperatures. Indoor swimming pools to for a fun water aerobic lesson are always fun during the winter months and are a great way to get everyone excited and anxious as well. 

Check out your local area and see what indoor locations offer unique and educational experiences that you can book during the winter months.

Start a fun and unique homeschooling lesson during the winter months

Shaking up your homeschooling curriculum during the winter months is another great way to bust through and over the winter slump. Think of something that’s educational but also fun and have that be a new lesson that you introduce to your daily plans. Cooking in the kitchen is a great curriculum to tackle as is learning how to sew. 

If there’s been a craft or other creative project that you’ve always wanted to introduce to your child, the winter months are the perfect time to do so! Can you imagine teaching your children how to crochet as an actual homeschooling lesson during the winter months? And why not? There’s counting, memorization, patience, and skill that go into each and every crotcheted loop that is made!

Planning ahead for when that winter slump hits is important (because it’s going to happen sooner or later!) and is a great way to have an idea of how you’re going to overcome the feeling that the walls are closing in. Just by implementing these simple homeschooling tips, you can be certain that you and your homeschoolers will have a new love and excitement for the winter months curriculum. 

And last, but not least…if you run out of ideas of how to beat the winter slump, why not ask your kids what they’d like to learn? You’d be surprised at the excitement that will be sparked once you introduce and educate them on something that they’ve been wondering about as well! 

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