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Since joining the wonderful group of homeschool bloggers at iHomeschool Network I have now collaborated in 2 different books about homeschooling. The first one was How We Teach, where I contributed 4 different chapters.

The second one has just been released, it is Homeschooling What To Do When You Want to Quit.


Just like the first book How I Teach, this book is just full of amazing resources for any struggles you can face at anytime in your homeschool journey. These are things that every homeschool mom will go through at one point and time during their homeschooling years. Why not get some tips from a fellow homeschool mom who has already been through this?

There are over 250 pages and over 50 different chapters on probably just about every reason you could want to quit homeschooling your children. This is an amazing resource for anyone who homeschools their children, and would be a spectacular addition to your homeschool library.

The chapters I contributed to this homeschooling book are:

  • Homeschooling Through A Health Crisis ~ This is one area I have plenty of experience in! Not only to I have many different health issues, I have had children go through chronic health as well as short term health issues, we have also dealt with my mother having continuous health crisis until she passed away. Through it all we managed to still do what we needed to in our homeschool, read about how we do and still stay sane in in our chapter.
  • Homeschooling An Intense Child ~ We have homeschooled 2 intense children now. One of them is now in 10th grade and only has slight issues at this point and time. Our other intense child is in 2nd grade and is constantly struggling with issues which makes teaching him continues to be a constant challenge. You can find some of my tips, helps, and ideas for teaching intense children.

Homeschooling: what to do when you want to quit

  • When Homeschooling Looks Like Climbing Mount Everest ~ When you want to quit because life keeps throwing you curveballs.
  • When You Feel Like You’re Doing a Terrible Job ~ When you want to quit because you have doubts about all your abilities.
  • When Your Kid Hates School ~ When you want to quit because your kid flat out refuses to do school.
  • The Stress of Choosing Curriculum ~ When you want to quite because the options are overwhelming.
  • Homeschooling While Pregnant ~ When you want to quit because your pregnancy is high risk or challenging.
  • When Your Husband Doesn’t Approve ~ When you want to quit because your husband rejects your ideas.
  • When Your Heart Is No Longer In It ~ When you want to quit because the joy has vanished.
  • Homeschooling through Job Loss or Financial Crisis ~ When you want to quit because financial obstacles are in the way.
  • When You Feel That Public School Would Be Better ~ When you want to quit because your kids might learn more at school.

These are just some the many wonderful chapters found in this book. See a copy of the full Table of Contents here (PDF) to see exactly what all 56 chapters are about. This will give you an in depth look at the amazing resource this really is!!

Homeschooling: what to do when you want to quit

This is a digital product in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats with over 250 pages of uplifting, but not sugar coatedpractical help for 56 different reasons you might want to quit homeschooling.


There are many homeschool moms who are at their whits end, please share this on your social media so that every homeschool mom needing help can have access to this great resource. Thank you for helping to spread the word!!


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  1. This looks like such a great book. I love that homeschool moms actually write it because who would be able to explain homeschooling better than homeschool moms. I also love that so many different homeschool moms contribute to this book. I totally want to check this book out. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Irina,
      Thank you so much. That is one of the things I really love about the books written by iHomeschool Network, they have a group of experienced homeschool moms write the books. What better person to give advise, and when you get a bunch of us working together you get so many different views! If you do check it out let me know what your thoughts are on the book. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  2. Wow that’s wonderful that you are providing this info for other homeschoolers. I’ve been homeschooling my kiddos for 6 years and yes, there were many times at the beginning that I wanted to quit. But I’m SO glad I kept going! It is worth all the trouble and I hope your book encourages other mamas to keep going too. Much love:)

    • Randi,
      It can be so hard to homeschool at the beginning, but the results in the end are so worth it!! We are finally seeing how amazing they turn out in the end!! I pray that it encourages moms too, especially since so many of them feel discouraged and want to quit. Thank you for stopping by, have a blessed weekend!!


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