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With Spring Break on the horizon, homeschool families all over are wondering if the plan is to take some time off or stick with a routine and schedule to stay on track. And honestly, that choice is up to you. 

As a homeschooling parent, you know what your daily, weekly, and monthly routines are like. You know the pace that you want to keep and you know the topics that you want to teach. If putting a pause on homeschooling over Spring Break is going to cause stress later on down the road, there are ways that you can continue homeschooling over Spring Break!

Here are a few simple tips to consider if you feel as though your homeschooling curriculum during Spring Break will continue to happen.

How to Continue Homeschooling Over Spring Break

Homeschooling over Spring Break is possible with these simple tips.

Talk to your children about why you’re continuing to homeschool

In their minds, they may not fully understand the “why” reasoning behind your decision, so it’s important to talk to them about it. The more that you can communicate and make valid points about why homeschooling needs to continue, the better that they’ll understand and be on board.

Do something fun and different during this time

While staying on routine and staying focused is important, why not take the time and do something different as well? Take a fun field trip or decide as a group about a topic that you want to learn about. Just because you’re continuing on with homeschooling during Spring Break, that doesn’t mean you can’t add in some fun, new things!

Consider having an alternate schedule during this time

There’s always room to compromise, right? If your homeschoolers were really looking forward to some downtime during the break, find a way to compromise that can make everyone happy. Having an alternate schedule allows for learning to happen, and a ton of fun resting as well. 

One way to accomplish this is to maybe have 2 days of homeschooling, followed by 1 day of break…or something along those lines. That way, the curriculum is still being taught but your kiddos are also getting that bit of rest that they were hoping for as well.

Give homeschooling on the road a try

Who says that you can’t take a fun Spring Break trip and still stick with your homeschooling plans? Thousands of households homeschool on the road and Spring Break may be the perfect chance for you to try it as well! Just pack up your bags, your schoolwork and anything else that you need for your traveling homeschool classroom, and hit the road!

Not only will it be an awesome new adventure that everyone can embark on together, but it’s also showing and teaching your children about the world as well. 

While making the decision to homeschool over Spring Break can be difficult, don’t let it be overly stressful for you. As with anything, there are pros and cons to be weighed out to make the best decision for you and your family.

After having family discussions and figure out a homeschooling plan, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you made the right choice, along with the help of your kids. And honestly, when it comes to great life lessons, figuring out how to work together to accomplish a positive outcome is a great homeschooling lesson in itself.

However you decide to move forward with homeschooling (or not) over the Spring Break week, make certain that you’re using your time wisely as well to spend time with your family. Take the time that you need as well to ensure that you’re fueled and ready for the remainder of the homeschool year!

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  1. We tend to shorten our school days when local schools are on vacations. I know my boys want to see their friends but we don’t usually manage to see anyone much before 10 so we still have time to tackle two subjects or so each day anyway.


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