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It’s vacation time again, and you’re wondering where to go. Not to worry! I have you covered. I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately and have been so inspired by the Twinings brand. In 1706, Thomas Twining opened the house of Twinings of London where he dreamed of only selling the finest herbs, infusions, and teas. And he did just that!

They have been providing quality experiences and refreshment for over 300 years! And with over 17 different herbal tea blends, you’re sure to find one that you love! I know that I have!

Today, we’re discussing how to dive into other cultures to make the best blend of yourself! Twinings of London teas come from all over and I wanted to take some time to talk about how inspired I was from the different tea locations. New cultures can be intimidating, but I’ve outlined some of the different things you should take part in while on vacation to learn, grow, and have a ton of fun.

The Twinings team has nine master blenders who travel to find only the best spices, herbs, and fruit. What an awesome job! Am I right? Their trips are amazing and such a big inspiration to me. So, how do you become your best blend? It’s easy! Follow these steps and let me know how you connect with other cultures!

Quick poll! Which of their latest herbal blends interests you the most? And where do these flavors remind you of visiting? See if you can guess where they are from!


  • Lemon Delight: White hibiscus blended together with lemon grass, lemon peel, verbena and natural lemon flavour
  • Berry Fusion: Rosehips, hibiscus, orange and blackberry leaves, apple pieces, liquorice root and natural berry fruit flavours
  • Buttermint: A delicious blend of peppermint leaves and vanilla


Leave your answers in the comments!

Twinings makes their teas from the finest ingredients sourced from all over. The blends are crafted by a team of master blenders to give you the perfect tastes and aromas. I’m curious to hear your answers!

Take in the local cuisine

Have you ever traveled somewhere and only eaten what you already know that you like? We’re all guilty of doing that. When you’re visiting another country and culture, it’s essential to broaden your horizons. Eating new foods helps you be your best blend because you’re trying new and scary things. And ultimately, you may find a new favorite food that will become a big part of you! Think about things in terms of tea (I always do)! What kind of flavors do you like already and which ones are you curious to try? These questions may help you decide where to take your vacation. The lemon delight tea is sourced from Paraguay, Senegal and Europe. Have you ever been to Paraguay? The chipa guasu (a type of cake) is delicious! Let different flavors inspire you to try new things.


Visit a religious ceremony

Are you visiting Asia or Egypt? That’s where my favorite tea, Berry Fusion, comes from! They also source ingredients from Europe and South America! Which one of these locations interests you the most? Maybe you could take in one of their ceremonies to learn more about their spirituality. In some religious traditions, meditation is essential. Think of all the self-discovery you could have when you put yourself out there and learn about a new culture! You might even find some beliefs that intrigue you to do more research.

Choose walking

Taking a car, cab, or uber may seem like the natural thing to do, but when you’re trying to discover yourself and new cultures, walking really is the best way to go. While you walk, take in the scenery around you. You’ll love discovering Northern Africa and the Mediterranean by foot. That delicious buttermint tea comes from those areas. What kind of architecture is prevalent? What colors do they use on their signs and houses? What are the people like? Make a note of what you like and what types of ideas you want to take home with you for your own life.


As you can see, there are some simple things you can take to learn about new cultures. The point I’m trying to make here is that you have to put yourself out there a little to take in a new culture properly. Let flavors around you inspire your trips! When you do this, you’ll learn a lot about what makes you the best version of yourself. Or, your perfect blend! Drinking tea always makes me yearn to travel because I want to find where the delicious flavors are sourced from.  So, what kind of blend are you? Are you spicy, sweet, light, or maybe even rich? I want to know!


Happy traveling!

Thank you for sharing!!


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