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Summer is a time to engage in fun activities. When you tell your children that they need to continue reading during the summer months, you may receive a moan or groan. Don’t worry! Today we are providing you with some ways that can encourage your child to read this summer and still have fun.

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6 Ways To Get Your Kids To Read This Summer


Let Them Choose

Books don’t have to be boring! Your child has personal interests and would love to learn more about them. Let your child explore while at the library and discover books on their own. Ask them what they would be interested in reading about and encourage them to ask the librarian for suggestions. If your child approaches you with a book that is out of their reading level, get it! You can read with them if they need some help.


Sign Up for Reading Challenges

Every year there are reading challenges offered to students during the summer. Have your child sign up for as many book challenges as they can find and start winning some cool prizes. You can discover reading challenges at your local library, school, Chuck-E-Cheese, Barnes and Noble, Half Price Books, Book-A-Million, and many other local businesses.


Join a Book Club

Your family can discover some fun and exciting book clubs at your local library or bookstore. Book clubs can help your child stay motivated to read and become engaged in conversations about the book. By being involved in a book club, your child can successfully increase their reading comprehension and gain confidence expressing their thoughts and opinions.


Subscribe to a Favorite Magazine

You may have a child that genuinely dislikes books. A book filled with hundreds of words can be a little intimidating. Peak their interest by choosing a favorite magazine or comic book to subscribe. They will be filled with anticipation as they wait for their new subscription to arrive in the mail. You can also subscribe to digital magazines accessed from any digital device; take your reading material with you with just a click of a button.

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Set a Schedule

It is challenging for children to develop the ability to self-motivate. Take the pressure off by helping your child set-up a personal reading schedule. Choose a time slot of thirty minutes during the day or before bed to schedule a reading time. Sit down with your child during that time or engage in reading as well to help motivate them. By keeping the same time every day, you will be able to instill a positive habit of reading daily.


Read Together

Take time during the day to read with your child. It is always fun and relaxing to read a story before bedtime. By reading with your child, you will be able to model reading accurately and inspire their imagination with descriptive words. Reading can establish a stronger bond with your child and help relieve some of the daily stress.

How To Get Your Kids To Read This Summer

This summer, use some of these tips to inspire your child to keep on reading. Be persistent, excited, and encouraging to your child and help build their confidence in becoming a talented reader. You can do it!


Do you have a kiddo who struggles to sit still? Is that the reason it is hard to get your kids to read this summer?  I have shared a post that will give you some time to keep them more focused while reading, this may be helpful to you, check it out.


What is your best tip to get your kids to read this summer? Leave a comment below letting me know. I would love to hear from you!!


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