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This month the Mother Goose Time Ambassadors are talking about how we organize our Mother Goose Time Curriculum. I will have to admit that this is only our Second month using the curriculum, and the first month I just worked right out of the box. While it would be ok to just work out of the box and pull out the daily bag with everything in it, I just need to have everything organized and easy to find.

With the fact that I have 6 kids we teach in our house, I have to keep everything pretty organized or we have problems. You can read my Homeschool Organization post to find out more about how I organize things for the other kids which is the same filing system I put the Mother Goose Time Curriculum in. Because I already had this system in place for the older kids, it only seemed natural to find a way to organize the younger kids school right into it.

How We Organize Our Mother Goose Time curriculum

Here are the steps I will be following each month when I get the shipment in the mail. Like I said before this is my first month organizing like this, but I will continue to use this system as long as we use the Mother Goose Time Curriculum because it fits in so nicely with the older kids organization.

  •  Set up the monthly calendar ~ We put the new monthly calendar up on the wall.



  • Monthly Music CD ~ I choose to upload the monthly music to my computer, so I don’t have to look for it each day and it’s easier to access.



  • Arrange Folders ~ Make 4 different hanging folders 1 for each of the 4 weeks in the month. Inside of those folders have folders marked for each day of the week, as seen below.



  • Remove the months materials from the plastic bags ~ Take all of the months bags out of the yellow schoolbus box that comes in the mail, and remove the plastic bags that they are each stored in.


Here is an example of what is found inside of 1 of the bags for the rainforest month.Homeschool-Organization


  • Load Up The Folders ~ Put all of the items found in each of the bags inside of the folders that they belong in.


  • Put folders inside of the hanging folders ~ Put each of the folders inside of the weekly hanging folder that they belong in.P1140940 Homeschool-Organization


  • Find out what extra materials are needed for the month ~ Look through the teachers guide and the gathering list and figure out what extra materials need to be added to each of the lessons. I highlight any materials needed on the gathering list and get those from my supplies to add to each of those folders. Put the materials inside of each of the folders so they are all ready to go when we are working on the day. This makes it easier for each of the days so I am not searching for the materials before or during the lesson, both of which can be very distracting to the kids.

Most of the lessons have all of the necessary materials, but in many of the lessons it is nice to add in some extra art supplies to make the projects even more fun. We set out our art box with different materials the kids can use for the art projects that can be pulled out when we are doing the projects. The quality of the materials that you receive with the curriculum each month has been amazing to me, they don’t skimp on what they give you to use!!



  • After all the your bags are emptied into the folders and placed in their appropriate hanging folder, you still have items that need to be stored somewhere. This is why I made 2 extra folders that contain all extra materials.P1140943

The first folder I made is for the bonus days included in the monthly shipment and a few other Misc items that don’t have a better place to go.



  • 2 different bonus days folders ~ I’m not sure if there will ever be more then 2 bonus days inside of a monthly theme, but for now I have 2 separate folders to store all of the bonus days that we get for the month. This month the bonus day is for Thanksgiving, last month we had Halloween and Fire safety.Homeschool-Organization


  • Teachers Guide, Planning Journal, etc… ~ Inside of one of the folders I have my planning journal, teachers guide, and the yearly country stickersP1140946


  • I Can Read Books, Letter/Sight Words ~ Inside this folder I store all of our I can Read books and all the sight word/letter flowers for the year. I also keep our punch out letters and numbers in here until they are needed.P1140947


  • Misc Items ~ There are a few other things that don’t really have a place to go, so I put them in a misc folder. Our morning calendar area is in our dining room and we don’t have room to put all of the fun things that were included in our initial shipment, those things are stored in the misc folder, along with anything else that doesn’t have a spot.



  • Our second hanging folder is for journals, name tags, shape design mats thorough out the year, and the daily and monthly calendar items.P1140949


  • Scrapbook ~ In the front of the folder I store our scrapbook because I didn’t think it needed to have a folder of it’s own, but needed to be stored somewhere I could find it easily.P1140950


  • My Little Journals ~  With each of the kids I put together a portfolio of some of the important things they have done through out the year and store them in a banker box on our basement storage shelves. I do this for a couple reasons, first it is fun at the end of the year for the kids to look through all of the things that they have completed and second off, in our state we don’t have any reporting required for homeschoolers so this is my way of keeping records for the kids.P1140951


  • Name Tags ~ Each month we get 3 name tags with the curriculum, this is what I do with them. The first one is laminated and used each day through out the month, the second one Gabe will write his name on at the beginning of the month and the last one he will write his name at the end of the month. I store the completed name tags in the folder so that though out the year we can look back and see how his writing has improved and when the year is finished they will go into his portfolio. Using these for practice has been great, at the beginning of the year Gabe couldn’t write his name within a month he could write his name in all capitals, now he is using lower case letters some of the time when he writes his name.P1140953


  • Shape Design Mats ~ Both Gabe and Ethan love using the shape mats and the monthly counters Mother Goose Time Curriculum provides. Since they enjoy them so much I keep the different mats through out the months inside of a folder of it’s own. This will make it very easy to just pull out different mats when the kids are looking for something to do on a rainy or snowy day.P1140954


  • Monthly Calendar Items ~ This is the folder that I store all of our monthly numbers for the calendar and the monthly signs. A few times a month we will pull out all of the monthly calendar signs and put them in order and sing our months of the year song to teach the months of the year.P1140955


  • Overview of all the Folders ~ Here is a look at all of the folders put in the front of my hanging file system, these folders are in the front of the older kids organized school work. P1140958



We are really enjoying the Mother Goose Time Curriculum, now that we have a great way to organize the months work, it will make things so much easier!!


Disclaimer:  As a Mother Goose Time Curriculum Blog Ambassador I share our experience and different topics each month here on the blog. I am not required to write positive posts, or told what to write on each topic other then the topic itself. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. You can read my Full Disclosure for more information about my disclosure.

Thank you for sharing!!



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