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We spent a couple days learning about the brain and human anatomy Nervous System for science last week.

 I purchase Blood an Guts and the Dover Human body coloring pages, used on Amazon for $7! They have been a great resource for our Human Body Unit. The coloring book has a bunch of great color by number pages to color, the kids will be making their own Human Body coloring book with some of the pages, I would not use the coloring book for younger kiddos as the pictures are quite detailed pictures. We also are working on a Human Body Lapbook which was found at Homeschool Share for free.
We started our unit by making brain hats, the boys had a lot of fun doing and wearing them, Serena said mom I don’t have to wear this all day do I? hehe. She was able to learn from it so that was good enough for me. HERE is the link to the site we printed off the templates from.
We have added a model of the brain to our science shelves, I purchased it from Amazon on sale during Christmas time for very cheap. One side has the names of all the parts of the brain, and the other side is lettered to match the book that comes with it. We used the model to label and discuss each of the parts of the brain.
We also added a booklet of brain facts and our cover to our Human Body lapbook. We discussed how to tell if you are a left or right brain thinker which lead us to find out that Cody is actually a “middle” brained thinker, we also read THIS article about why people get ice cream headaches.

Other Human Anatomy Nervous System Resources From Around The Web

  • This site has a huge list of information, it even contains some of the myths we believe about the human brain.
  • Here is a great site for kids. Learn about the different parts of the brain and how they work in the body. They also have free printables to label, interactive games, and lots of fun facts about the brain. This is a great resource for not only the brain but the whole human body.
  • Here you can find out just how powerful the brain really is.
  • Here is a site that teaches kids about the effects of drugs on the brain
  • Edhelper has a large selection on Nervous System readers and printables
  • Enchanted learning has a picture dictionary that can be printed off in different languages, and has been a help for Serena learning French.
  • Scholastic has the test to see if you are a left/right/middle brained thinker, and explains how each thinker learns best
  • Human Body Lapbook for younger kids-Free
  • Human Body Lapbook for older kids-Free

Our Favorite Human Anatomy Resources on Amazon

We have used the following products in our Human Anatomy units above as you will see in the posts, some of them are added products that we have found very useful in follow up units.

  • Some Body Board Game
  • Blood and Guts ~ great teachers guide for your next human anatomy unit
  • Magic School Bus Human Body board game
  • The Body Book ~ from Scholastic to make hands on human anatomy projects




  • Squishy Human Body study kit
  • Muscular System 1000 piece puzzle ~ Great for older kids
  • Human Body layers puzzle ~ Great for younger kids to understand the different layers of the body
  • Human Anatomy Coloring Book ~ Very detailed coloring book great for kids to do while listening to stories!



  • My first human body book ~ Great learning ideas for younger kids
  • Human Anatomy Models Set ~ Hands on way to learn different anatomy parts
  • Human Body Felt Set ~ Great addition to add to your own DIY Felt Board
  • Human Body Encyclopedia ~ By DK Kids



Our human body Pinterest board has lots of other great Human Anatomy ideas, stop over and check it out!

Follow Mama Of Many Blessings’s board Human Anatomy / Human Body Unit on Pinterest.
Do you know of some great Human Body resources? I would love to hear about them, leave a comment with a link to your resources for other to see! Don’t have a blog? Just leave your idea in the comments!

Thank you for sharing!!


  1. Love this series! My 2.5 year old is suddenly very interested in medicine and the body generally. I prepared him a medical kit and have many other ideas swimming in my brain. I actually wrote a blog post on it last week. Great resources here! Thank you!!

  2. Ticia, thanks for pinning my ideas, I am loving pinterest lately! Thanks for hosting Science Sunday!

    Montessori work jobs- Thanks for the compliments and link, I pinned it to my pinterest!

    Marnie-Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by, I love it when the kids show interest in something new!


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