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How do Animals Adapt in Winter?

Last week we spent time learning about the Human Body, and how different animals adapt in winter.

Animals Adapt In Winter

We read through this wonderful book. It was a perfect book to go along with us learning about how different animals adapt in winter, it was one of my great finds at the thrift store for only .50!
The pictures in the book were so beautiful and were real life pictures that the kids really enjoyed!
Each of the kids had to pick 1 of the animals in the book, and write what they do in the winter to adapt to the cold weather, they also had to draw a picture of their animal. Of course, Cody and Dustin both choose to write about the praying mantis’s, since they had quite a few of them as pets in the summer.
Anthony choose to write about coyotes. I was so proud of him, he only misspelled 2 words and didn’t have any help!

Montessori Hand Book

Here is the Montessori tray I set out for the kids to make their “hand” books. They each took 6 pieces of paper and traced their hands onto each page, and then colored in each finger and wrote the name of the finger, the 6th page they made a cover for their book. I put the hand cards I made up earlier in the week so the younger boys would have a reference as how to spell each word.
Dustin finishing his book.
Cody’s hand book, he decided to punch holes and tied ribbon to make his book. He forgot to put a cover on and added that after I reminded him 🙂
Anthony reading his hand book to me.

Human Body Tracing

Each of the kids had someone trace them onto paper and color them for an activity we will be working on this week about the Human Body.
Serena helped trace Ethan onto paper

Misc Homeschool Fun

I added this new work to the shelves today for Valentines day. They have can make a heart or flower.
Pretty Valentines colors to choose from, in a little heart container.
Cody really enjoys the Disney short chapter books we got from Scholastic. I am so glad he is starting to enjoy reading, he struggled so much learning how to read and didn’t enjoy it at all for q. We found out he has Dyslexia along with a few other learning impairments last year, and have been working very hard to get to this point!
Serena has been helping doing Spelling with 1 of the boys on spelling days, and I work with the other one, it has been a great help, and it has been teaching her some spelling rules she needed a little help with!
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