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I really enjoy teaching my children about different cultures and countries. The thing is that we like to do it in a little more unconviential methods. We tend to enjoy doing more reading living books, doing hands on projects, making lapbooks/continent boxes/notebooks, or anything else I think my children would learn best from. That is why we were very excited to review Carol P. Roman with Away We Go Media series If You Were Me and Lived in…

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We received 4 different books If You Were Me and Lived In… MexicoIf You Were Me and Lived In… South KoreaIf You Were Me and Lived In… France, and the newest book in the series If You Were Me and Lived In… Norway. Each of the books is a paperback book that are colorful and easy to understand. The books really engage young children and teach them about what life is like for children living in other countries.

Each of the books are recommended for children ages Pre-K-age 8, but my 9 & 11 year old enjoyed the books as well. We also added some fun activities and recipes that made each of the countries fun for the older kids as well.

Each of the books starts out by locating showing the country and learning about the capital. After seeing the country and learning the capital children will then get a chance to see which continent the country is located as well as where. The kids enjoyed finding each of the countries on the inflatable globe and talking about where they were in relation to us and other countries.

After teaching the kids where the country is located the books go onto teach the kids about the currency used in that country and even some of the items that they could spend their currency on. They learn about some of the foods that would be eaten there, teach kids about one of the top holidays tell them how and even why they celebrate it. They go onto teach children about the top sport of the country and even how they would say “doll” in that language. There are many other things you children will learn while reading the If You Were Me and Lived In… series.

Not only do the books introduce your child to the country, but they also teach children some of the language of that country by teaching then about everyday items in the countries language. They have even provided a pronunciation section at the end of the book for those who need a little help in pronouncing the words that were found through out the book. The pictures are bright and colorful and really are engaging for children.

These books were an amazing and fun way to take kids on a journey learning about children in other countries and learning about different cultures, how the people live, and some of the fun facts about the country. My kids have had a very fun time learning about other countries with these wonderful books. They are books that we will continue to purchase and add to our Continent Box collection as they come out!

You can find each of the books for less then $9.00. Stop over to the Carol P. Roman website to purchase your own copy.
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Thank you for sharing!!



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