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Lately In Our Life

Whew, this past week was pretty busy. I managed to get almost an entire bushel of applesauce made and canned. I was able to get 3 giant butternut squash cooked and put into the freezer too. Hopefully over the next couple weeks I will be able to get enough squash and applesauce made to last for the next year for us. Every year I usually manage to get more and more things canned then the previous year, so we can eat them throughout the upcoming year. We really feel that eating non spray local food is best, if that cannot happen then organic is our second choice.

The kids have been officially entered into their competition levels for the upcoming gymnastics competition season. Dustin will be at JD level 10 and Anthony at JD level 8, Cody at level 4, and Serena at Excel level. It will make for a busy competition season for all of us, but I’m looking forward to it and so are they.

I also was able to get our menu planning done for the next 5 weeks as well as the shopping list. We also went grocery shopping to get all of the groceries. That sure is a harsh shopping trip, but it saves us so much money and time. I will hopefully be sharing the months menu’s for all the people who have asked for them hopefully this week! That means this week we will be working to get all of the misc things made and next weekend will be our big cooking week.

It is also our daughter’s 18th birthday this coming up week. I really wanted to have an extra special celebration for her, but she doesn’t want anything but a regular ol’ celebration.

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I didn’t manage to get any blog posts done last week. I have a couple scheduled for this coming up week though.


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  • #17 ~ 20 Ways To be Flexible In your Homeschool ~ One of the big things I have learned in homeschooling our children is that flexibility is KEY!! Life is going to happen and you need to plan for that. Shelly over at There’s No Place Like Home has a list of 20 ideas that are wonderful!


  • #107 ~ How Do Bloggers Make Money ~ When people hear that you can actually make money blogging they are often surprised. It takes work to get to the point where you can actually make money from blogging, but it is possible. This is a post you won’t want to miss Rosemarie share tips on how she went from making $18/mth blogging to $24,000/mth blogging in 19 months.


  • #112 ~ Italian Pizza Bread ~ I have found a great pizza dough recipe, but finding a good homemade recipe for breadsticks or something like it hasn’t been so easy. This recipe looks so delicious and like it might be a winner. We will have to give it a try on our next pizza night.


  • #160 ~ 25 Pumpkin Recipes For Breakfast ~ Tis the season for all things pumpkin!! There are so many recipes on this list that sound delicious!! We will be trying some out during the fall season since we LOVE all things pumpkin.

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  1. Thank you for featuring my post! I can’t even imagine shopping for 5 weeks worth of groceries at once. We usually have two overflowing carts just for one week. Where do you put everything?

    • Of course it was such a great post!! We have a post that I shared previously that gives you a look into how we store it all (just search monthly meal making series). It has taken a little bit of work to maneuver it all, but it all fits great now and is such a blessing for us to do it this way.


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