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Lately In Our Life

We finally finished getting my computer back up and running this past week. That is such a wonderful thing!! Jake is pretty awesome, not only did he fix it but it is a lot faster and has more space on it. I did loose some of my photos from the last couple months, mainly ones of the kids gymnastics season, but I managed to save a lot of them. It was just a long and grueling process.

On Mother’s Day I was pretty spoiled. I slept in for the day, woke up to breakfast and coffee. I wasn’t allowed to do much for the day, and just spent the day being lazy. We spent a few hours at my Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house bringing her some DIY bookmarks we made for her. It was great to be able to spend time with them.

We brought food with us to grill out for them. Serena bought me steaks from the farm (we very rarely get steaks) it was a delicious treat! Jake and the kids made be a beautiful canvas tote and homemade cards. Serena gave me some beautiful flowers and some money to spend on whatever I wanted. Overall it was such a great day!!

All of the kids are officially finished with their math for the school year!! Ethan needs some more practice on his multiplication problems for me to feel comfortable putting him into the next math book (division) but he is finished.

We have been continuing our reading about Greece and spent time this week reading about how the Olympic games started. Achilles was killed in our story, and we only have a couple more chapters to finish in that book now.  We learned all about water in our science and how the water is dispersed on the Earth. We also learned about the molecules that are in water, and that it is one of the only parts of matter that can be a solid, liquid, and gas.

The kids enjoyed making “slime” last week. We have made slime with borax before, but never liquid starch. Making it with the liquid starch was fun, it is so much “slimier.” The daycare kids were able to bring some home with them, hopefully their parents didn’t mind too much.


My Posts From The Last Week

Last week I did not manage to get any new posts up. I’m trying to get the last of the back end work done on the blog. I finished fixing the categories on here. Starting I had over 200 different categories that have been put into just over 30 different categories now. I’ve also finished up designing the new blog logo, and adding it to the blog. Just a few more finishing touches and everything will be good to go.

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  • Spring Linky Party ~ I am working on getting a whole bunch of linky parties up that will stay up indefinitely. I hope this will make things easier for anyone looking for posts on different themes, topics, etc. PLEASE head over and link up any of your Spring themed posts, and I would be so grateful if you would share about the linky party on your social medias as well!

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My Favorite Posts Of the Week:

Below are my 2 choices for the favorite posts of last weeks party.

  • #93 ~ 30 Healthy Appetizers For Summer ~ Since we are eating healthier, finding good appetizers is always a priority for me. With the summer grilling season and 4th of July parties coming up this is a perfect post! Head over to find some great new appetizer ideas!

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