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Lately In Our Life

We are on our vacation for the summer. We didn’t plan on being able to get any time away, but Jake was able to get some vacation time last minute, and everything worked out just perfect. So part of his time off we are spending away for a few days, and the rest of the time will be spent getting some much needed household tasks done.

We have multiple areas around the house an yard that have really needed to be organized, but with Jake not getting any time off they have not been done. SO I am pretty excited to finally get them worked on.

With that being said, this weeks update is going to be short and sweet. I will give a better update next week at the end of our vacation.

My Posts From The Last Week

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  • Inspire Me Monday #140~ Inspire Me Monday’s post from last week, with 2 of my favorite posts and the most popular of the week. Stop over to see if you were featured!!

  • Tips For Keeping Kids Focused During Reading ~ When we first started using Sonlight Curriculum, I was concerned that my wiggly boys would have a hard time sitting still for all the reading. I have been pleasently surprised how well they have been doing with it. Here are some of the tips and ideas i have used to help!


  • Summer Linky Party ~ I am working on getting a whole bunch of linky parties up that will stay up indefinitely. I hope this will make things easier for anyone looking for posts on different themes, topics, etc. PLEASE head over and link up any of your summers themed posts, and I would be so grateful if you would share about the linky party on your social medias as well!

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  • #10 ~ Oatmeal Cream Pies ~ Alright, I have to say I LOVE oatmeal cream pies. What I don’t love is all the addititves and preservatives found in them. So it has been a long time since I have eaten any. These homemade alternatives would be a great idea to try instead.

My Favorite Posts Of the Week:

Below are my 2 choices for the favorite posts of last weeks party.

  • #125 ~ Liquid Dish Soap ~ Grease Fighting ~ We have been slowly but surely learning how to make soaps shampoos, and everything else we can on our own. I have found a great hand soap recipe, but haven’t found one for the dishes yet. This will be one I am excited to try out!


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