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Lately In Our Life

Last week wa s another fun and busy as normal week! We enjoyed spending the afternoon at the pumpkin patch. Anthony and Cody were with me to help with Ethan, Gabe, and 2 of our daycare kids that are 1 and 2. Everyone had a great time, they were not very busy which made things really great.

We have had a flu bug going around that has hit 3 of us so far. Gabe got it on Wednesday, I got it on Thursday night, and Ethan got it Saturday night. I’m praying that is the end of it!! I’m also greatful the kids are all old enough to make it to the toilet to throw up now. Those are moments I do not miss at all…

In our homeschool

Ethan and Gabe finished up their learning about the Aztec’s. Wow I did not realize how violent of a civilization they were. Even the boys notebooking pages were um…  A little violent drawings. There wern’t a whole lot of “good” things they did at all. Hopefully the Mayans are  a little better. We learned about natural disasters including hurricanes, tsunamis, water spouts, etc.

Dustin, Cody, and Anthony worked on finishing their studies about water in their science. They learned about poisioned water, hard water, filtering water, etc… Their experiment this week was testing all different types of water.

They are working on their reading this week in their Tapestry of Grace. Next week we work together to finish up learning about the fall of the Greek Empire and the start of Islam.

My Posts From The Last Week

Last week I got a new post up a little before the holidays, giving homeschool mamas plenty of time to plan. Scroll down to see what it is!!

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Homeschool Management During The Holidays You Need To Know Collage

  • Homeschool Management During The Holiday You Need To Know ~ After years of practice we have finally found a great way to deal with homeschooling around the holidays. Slow down and enjoy things are just  a few. Head over to find out how we schedule our homeschool around the holidays and what we do with our time off!


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For last week’s Inspire Me Monday party there were 211 links that were linked up last week the most popular post was….

  • #201 ~ How To Decorate Your Entryway Beautifully For Fall ~ I am not too much of a decorator. It may because for the last 19 years we have had little kids running around the house. Now our kids are getting older and I still have 4 little ones running around regularly. I know where to head over to when it does become time to decorate! I love how beautifully they have decorated their entryway. Someday I might be able to have beautiful decorations like this.

Below are my 2 choices for the favorite posts of last weeks party.

  • #162 ~ Easy Kids PVC Pipe Tent  ~ My kids love these type of tenst that you can purchase. The only bad thing is that theyall break within days of putting them up. If there were made with thick PVC pipes like this they would last for quite a long time! I really LOVE this tent. The fabric is beautiful. We may have to make one of these as a Christmas gift!!


  • #53 ~ Gluten Free Parmesan Meatballs  ~ We are a meatball loving household. Finding a recipe for gluten free is absolutely perfect for us. We will surely be trying these  out,thats for sure!!


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