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Lately In Our Life

Last week was completely crazy. Not only did we have all of the kids for the week 7 extra and our 6 makes for a lot of kids. It also means feeding 11-13 people at lunch time, let me tell you that makes for a decent amount of work. Not only did we have all those kids, but many of them ended up getting sick over the week, which meant we took on an extra kiddo so that meant we had 8 extra kids on that day. We ended up picking up one of the 7 kids from school because they got sick. Babies were crabby and I wiped little noses more times that I even care to think about.

Jake ended up sick as well, he didn’t even have a voice by the end of the week. A couple of our kids picked up the virus too. It is a cough with a fever which makes people not want to do anything. Despite people not feeling good, we ended up heading out and cutting down our Christmas tree on Sunday. We don’t do it every year, but it is nice to do it occasionally!! Everyone had so much fun, as always. It is the place I used to go to when I was growing up. They include unlimited hot cocoa and marshmallows to roast on the fire.

In Our Homeschool

Last week was a bit of a crazy week because of all the sickness and extra kids that joined us on many days. The kids did their independent work and we did group classes 3 of the 5 days. Which means we will be finishing the last 2 days this week even though we were supposed to be off.

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For last week’s Inspire Me Monday party there were 178 links that were linked up last week the most popular post was….

  • #55 ~ Eggnog Donuts ~ Eggnog has become a huge hit around our house, and of course, the kids LOVE donuts (when we do actually eat them). Mixing the two together would sure be a dangerous combination, that would warrant doubling this recipe. We will have to try a batch out before Christmas.


Below are my 2 choices for the favorite posts of last weeks party.

  • #98 ~ Wine Cork Angel Ornament ~ These angel ornaments are just beautiful and seem rather simple to make. They would make a perfect addition to any Christmas tree!!

  • #132 ~ Vanilla Texas Sheet Cake  ~ This vanilla sheet cake looks absolutely amazing. I might have to use gluten-free flour and our special Xylitol sugar to make it but I will surely have to give it a try!!


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