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Lately In Our Life

This past week was especially busy for us. It was Vacation Bible School week at our church. The 2 younger boys enjoyed participating once again this year in the fun festivities they had. The 2 middle boys enjoyed participating as volunteers and had such a great time too. This has been the second event this summer they have volunteered for, they have really enjoyed spending their time helping bring little kids to God.

While normally with the 2 older kids working in the evenings it would have been a quiet 2 hours every night during the week. Well not this week, we spent it out shopping for the upcoming graduation party.

We also had a graduation party for our first homeschool graduate this weekend. It was a ton of work making food for about 120 people 8-O. I’m so glad we were able to do it, and see some family we very rarely see anymore.

Serena has worked so hard these last couple years to get here!! She has been working 2 part time jobs (1 at the farm and farmers market, and 1 at the gym as a coach) she finished her classes with amazing grades, and has finished classes for the CLEP exams. She will be able to test out of the first 2 years of college and then graduate with a Bachelors degree for less than $20,000!! We also have had the kids pay for their own vehicle and insurance. Do you have any clue how much car insurance is for teenage girls now a days 😐 , geeze it is just terrible they almost need a job just to pay for their insurance, no joke.

She is such a hard worker. Her goal is to start as a holistic nurse and then decide if she wants to move into a doctor position or just stay a nurse. I couldn’t be more proud of her!!

I have also said homeschooling a high schooler is not as scary as we make it out to be, and can easily be done by any homeschool parent!!

My Posts From The Last Week

I did manage to get a couple posts posted, still not back to my regular posting. Hopefully now that most of our summer events are done I will be back to the Monday, Wednesday, Friday Schedule again.


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  • #74 ~ Summer Sensory Activities for Toddlers ~Sensory ideas are always such a fun and great way to keep kids busy. My kids still use some sensory bins, but they are slowly growing out of many of them. When they were toddlers they would keep the kids busy for hours and hours. This list of sensory activities for toddlers is perfect to keep your little ones busy this summer!


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