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We have been reviewing Online learning 1 year membership for up to 3 of our children for the last 6 weeks for the Schoolhouse Review Crew. is most known for their math program which offers math for grades Pre-K-Algebra 2, they also now have Language Arts for grades 2-4 and they are working to add more grade levels. is an online learning program that is a great way for students to practice on their math or language art skills that are being taught using any math/language arts program. It is a clutter free program that does not teach any of the concepts, but offers a great way for students to practice on any particular skill.

For this review I have been using IXL for Cody (11) and Anthony (9). They have been using the program 4 days a week for a review on our math skills we learned for the day. Because the program does only offers Language arts skill for up to 4th graders at the time, Anthony used the language arts program but Cody used only the math program.

Both the language arts and math lessons are set up the same so I am going to first explain how the lessons are set up and then get into each of the individual subjects after.

The login process is very simple, and even has some added fun by using icons for each user. Once your student logs on they can choose either math or language arts tab which will bring them to the lessons screen. Next your student will click on one of the grade level tabs on the left side of the screen which gives them an overview of all of the skills for that grade level.

On this screen your student can easily see if they have completed each of the lessons, mastered it, or still need to complete it. If they hold the mouse over any of the lessons it even gives them an example of a sample problem. Your student will simply click on a lesson and begin.

Your student will answer questions by typing an answer, or clicking on the circle that is the correct answer. They have to get 100 points to master the lesson. If they get the answer wrong they will loose points and have to earn them back before mastering the lesson.

A screenshot of just some of the 4th grade skills available to students.

One of the things that I enjoyed is that the lessons are free from distractions. In the younger grades students who have problems reading the question can click on the icon next to the sentence and have it read to them.

Kids earn awards when they answer a certain amount of questions. They also can earn prizes which are different icons they can use for their logins. Cody enjoyed earning these, but Anthony didn’t seem to care to much about them. offers quite a few ways to view reports about your students. They give you a very in depth look into what your student is working on, struggling with, and what their overall grade is. You can view your students status update which includes an overview, proficiency assessment, news flashes, and a report cards. You can view their performance by category or skill. You can also view their trouble spots and view their improvemnet over time.

One of the nice features of the program is that once weekly they will email you letting you know your childs accomplishments for the week. The email lets you know how much time was spent on the program in both math and language arts for the week, the number of problems and how many of them they got correct. You will also be able to see what lessons your student completed for the week including their score, time spent, and their total correct answers.

IXL Language Arts

Their language arts section at the current time offers skills for grades 2nd-4th, they are in the process of adding more grades. The language arts portion of the program contains a great number of skills for students to learn. It is free from distractions and a great way to practice language arts skills.

Here are the skills that your student will learn in the language arts section of IXL adjectives and adverbs, grammar, sentences, dictionary skills, nouns, pronouns, vocabulary, word analysis, writing conventions and strategies. In each of the topics there are many different skills that are covered, for example in grammar there are 212 different skills for grades 2-4.

Anthony did struggle with the fact that if just one word was misspelled at all he would get the question wrong and have to earn more points in order to master the skill. We decided instead of completing a lesson at a time that we would just set a time limit, and whatever he got done for the day that was good. This saved a lot of frustration for him!

IXL Math

The math section of IXL has practice lessons available for students in Pre-K through Algebra 2 and is working on getting calculus up as well. They have an amazing amount of lessons available within each of the grades.

To answer the question students will click on the correct answer, type in numbers, and more to get practice on petenent math skills. It is a very easy to use math practice program that is a wonderful way for students to practice on or reinforce their math skills.

Just to give you an example of the lessons available for each of the grades, within just the 6th grade math here are just some of the lessons. Whole numbers, decimal numbers, integers, rational numbers, exponents and square roots, money, consumer math, time, and and subtract integers, add and subtract decimals, multiplication, division, problem solving and estimation, number theory, this is about 1/3 of the topics covered in the 6th grade math.

Both Cody and Anthony liked using the IXL math program for help reviewing, or reinforcing their math skills being used in their current math programs. It helped that the program was free from distractions, and I was very happy with the amount of content they have available.

Just like the Language Arts section the boys struggled with the fact that if they misspelled a word by even forgetting a dash they would be marked wrong, which lead to some frustration. I also needed to watch closley to see if they were struggling with any topic because if they get a question wrong it takes points away and if they get a few questions wrong in a row they can be back to no points after long periods of time spent on the lesson. This was fixed by setting up a time limit instead of expecting them to complete the lesson for the day.


I was very pleased with the fact that you can choose what lessons your student will do, while it did cause a few problems it is great for me to be able to have the kids work on a particular skill we have been working on through out the week without having to search for it.

In my opinion it would have made the program easier if I had the option to assign each of my kids their lessons. There were a couple times at the beginning that I found out that Cody had done pre-K math for the day because he forgot to check that he was on the 6th grade math section.

Because they only ask students the questions and do not teach the concepts to them first I would recommend this program as a way to practice on skills that you have taught to them, or as a review program. We will continue to use IXL for a practice program to work on different skills we are working on in our math programs.

You can purchase a monthly membership to the math or english portion of or you can purchase both together.

IXL Language Arts or math monthly membership is only $9.95 per month or $15.95 for both language arts and math for 1 child.

IXL Language arts or math yearly subscription is $79.00 for both language arts and math memberships for a year is $129.00 for 1 child.

Each additional child is $2 extra per month or $20 extra per year.

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Thank you for sharing!!


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