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I found a great experiment for the kids from 101 Great Science Experiments, I thought it would be a fun was to learn about how jets engines use air to move since we added jets to our lapbooks last week.
First the boys taped a straw to the balloon with duct tape, then they threaded the rope  through the straw (we just used a clothes line rope because my twine was missing in action lol.)  We ended up using a straw from a fast food place, due to the fact all the straws we had around the house did not have a big enough hole to put the rope through.
Dustin and Anthony worked together to get the string down to the end of the balloon
Anthony was so excited he even did a count down!
I think if you were to get the giant balloons it would have made the experiment even more fun, I can’t imagine how much farther they would go, although I was surprised as to how far it went with just a normal balloon.
Anthony taking his turn!
Ethan wanted to try to, so big brother Dustin helped him get everything ready 🙂
He was so happy to see the balloon zoom down the rope, he started jumping all over after it was finished.

I was a great experiment to lead into a discussion on how jet engines work, the boys were very interested to see find out how jet engines were similar to our experiment, so we did some  reading about them. Then Dustin asked me how fast the fastest jet has traveled, and I had no clue, so we looked it up together and found this great website that we looked on it for quite a while, they have pictures, facts, and even recordings of what the jets sound like, very cool!  I had no clue the fastest jet engine could go 7,000 mph.  WOW I think that would make me sick lol!

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