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My children have been enjoying Jump Start Online for 10 months now, and boy do they ever enjoy it. We decided to give it a try since we have various CD’s and the kids seemed to enjoy them so much. After we tried the program for a short time we decided to continue to keep our membership for a few reasons, the kids got enough use out of it, it was a valuable educational tool that the kids really enjoy, they are always adding new things to keep the environment ever changing and exciting for the kids, and I only have to pay 1 membership fee for ALL my kids to be able to play! So when a representative of Jump Start contacted us asking if we would be interested in reviewing their product, of course I said yes!!


I am a parent who is very selective on the technology that is brought into our house even for learning purposes, and when we do use technology for learning purposes we limit the time. Jump Start has been one of those products I am more than glad to let my children use!

What is Jumpstart Online? A place where kids can explore an amazing 3-D land, play games, and much more. Jumpstart brand been trusted by over 30 million families, and cares greatly about kids safety while on their site, they make sure kids cannot share any personal information and

Kids start their own adventure by creating their own jumpee’s, and then bring their jumpee’s into the fabulous world of jumpstart where they can jump, climb, swim, and slide through the magical world. They take portals to different worlds where they are sent on special adventures, some of the magical portals include:

Poseidon’s Hangout (ages 9-12),

FutureLand (ages 9-12),

AdventureLand (ages 5-8),

Marine Land (ages 5-8),

StoryLand (ages 3-5).

Click on the video below for a quick look into Jumpstart Online.

What is the cost for a membership? Jumpstart offers 3 different payment options to fit all budgets: Monthly $8.99, Annually $74.99, and Lifetime $149.99. Head over to JumpStart Online and sign up for your membership today!!

What comes with your membership? Access to an amazing online adventure for kids with over 1000 games available, Access to another wonderful online math adventure for kids, 6 downloadable apps that are available for 3 different devices, 4 games you can download to your computer ($80 value) Hatch, raise, and train your own mythical creatures (my kids really enjoy this)

Jumpstart Blog: Jumpstart has a blog that keeps you up to date on all the new products added, head over and check it out they are always adding new content to keep the game new and exciting for kids! I love the Jumpstart Blog and my kids are always asking me to check it and see what new products have been added so they can explore them the next time they log on.

Here are a few examples of some of the new summer rides added to Jump Start that were added just recently added.
Flying Pig: Jumpeez can ride in pigs that Jump Start Online has taught to fly!
Tiki, Octopus, and Rainbow Skateboards: Give these wheels a quick spin and cruise over to some awesome adventures.
Octopus and striped beach towels: you’ve never had a beach towel like this. And a super summer beach ball’s included with each towel!
Parent Content: There is many ways for parents to be able to stay involved in what your child is doing online by offering an app that can be installed on Facebook to watch your kids play in Real Time! They also offer buddy codes in order to have children only interact with people parents allow!
Our Favorite Thing about Jump Start: If you were to ask my kids what their favorite part of Jump Start Online is they will tell you creating their own Mithie. Ethan enjoys continously going down the slide, and has just started enjoying more areas of the online program. Cody and Anthony have built their Mithie’s up quite a bit, and had a lot of fun doing it!

To make it more exciting they are also giving a FREE 3 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION TO ONE OF MY VIEWERS!!!!

There are many ways you can get entered into the drawing, use the rafflecopter linky below to get entered!

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DisclosureI was provided with a JumpStart membership at no cost by Knowledge Adventure in order to test the products’ abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.”

Thank you for sharing!!


  1. I am excited to see if my son will enjoy the games. He is always wanting to play online games like his older cousins but I want him in a safe site to play. This looks like it could be just what we need!

  2. I like the 3D. I remember how excited I was by anything 3D when I was a kid. So if it’s something that can pull and hold a child’s attention and be educational it’s a plus!


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