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JumpStart Central Park Zoo & Giveaway

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My kids have been using Jumpstart Online for quite a while now and have enjoyed the program so much, it is one program I have decided to keep in our house and will continue to use! You can read about our previous review of JumpStart to find out all the information about JumpStart Online to see all the amazing features they offer.

One of the things that really keeps my kids interested is the fact that they are always changing and adding things in JumpStart land. Just about every time your kids get on there are new things for them to investigate for instance because it is close to Thanksgiving they have added a giant Mayflower boat in the middle of town and kids can go on a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt around town to earn a prize! Well, now JumpStart has partnered with Dream Works, and has released Central Park Zoo on JumpStart Online.

When Jumpstart started updating their blog letting people know there was going to be something big opeining up in JumpStart world soon, and Cody (10) and Anthony (8) found out what it was they were so excited to check it out. and boys were Cody (10) and Anthony (8). On Opening day they got their school done really quick and even completed all their chores without being told once, just to play on the new Central Park Zoo on JumpStart Online! Once in the world exploring they were just as happy, laughing and having a great time exploring the new world and will often let me know about something they have earned or played on the new land.

So What’s In Central Park Zoo?
Children will explore the Central Park Zoo with their Madagascar fiends Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria. The new Central Park Zoo area is similar to other JumpStart Areas, your child can walk around the zoo choosing where they would like to go. Children can visit the Madagascar animals at the Central Park Zoo they can learn educational facts about the different animals and play slider puzzles of each of the animals as well.

After kids have explored the Central Park Zoo they can hop on a train for a ride over to Venice, Italy. Some of the fun things they will see while in Venice are

  • Movie Theatre: Where you can watch movie tailors of upcoming movies.
  • Madagascar Store: New store where kids can purchase new clothing for their Jumpee.
  • Italian Facts: Kids learn important Italian facts as they walk around town.
  • Hide n’ seek with Mort: Mort hides in Venice and its your job to find him, if your kids need help finding him the first clue will give you a hint, the second clue tells you where he is hiding.
  • Italian Art: All through out the town there is Italian Art that you can click on for information about the artwork.
  • Photo Bomb: You can use your camera to take pictures of the photo bombers…
  • Zoovenier Prize Wheel: Where kids can daily collect any of the souvenirs by shooting them self out of a cannon!
  • Riko’s Kaboom: Where you have to spin to keep finding the glowing box and collect them all in a 1 minute time period.
Kids can also sneak under the Central Park Zoo into the Penguin Headquarters to help the Madagascar Penguins collect souvenirs from around the town, mix the souvenirs into the morph machine and turn unsuspecting people into zoo animals.

Anthony (8) said he LOVES JumpStart Central Park Zoo, he explained Hide and Seek With Mort very excidetly letting me know it is his favorite game in Central Park Zoo.

Cody (10) said he that JumpStart Central Park Zoo, is his favorite world that JumpStart has created and he loves playing it!! His favorite game is Rikos Kaboom!
Ethan (4) has really enjoyed the JumpStart Online program, and the Central Park Zoo has been no exception! He loves to sneak into the school room, turn the computer on, and just start playing JumpStart whenever he wants. Ethan loves the slides in JumpStart and will go on them over and over he also loves to stand by the train and let it hit him…

I recorded Ethan playing today to show you a little about JumpStart, and let him show you his favorite thing:

I also recorded Anthony who shows you some of the slider puzzles, and how they can be adjusted from easy to harder puzzles, I had to record these on my phone and the movies isn’t the clearest, sorry:

Hear over to JumpStart online and sign up your child for acess to a wonderful ever changing world your children will fall in love with! 

Follow JumpStart:
JumpStart offers a few different ways to stay up to date on any specials they are having, as well as keeping up to date on all the new things that are being added to JumpStart Online.

Head over to their website and sign up to follow the JumpStart “What’s New” blog to receive email updates on all the new features added to JumpStart Online.
Also follow them on:
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Purchase your own JumpStart Online Membership, with your membership you will get acess to JumpStart Online, Math Blaster Online, 4 downloadable games, as well as Central Park Zoo with access for up to 6 children. They offer a few different payment options to fit all budgets.

Monthly- $8.99
Yearly- $74.99
Lifetime- $149.99

Jump Start Online is offering a free 3 month membership to one of my lucky viewers, to get entered to win use the rafflecopter linky below. This giveaway will be open through 11/20/2012. There are many ways to get entered daily! Good Luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: We were given a subscription to JumpStart online in return for reviewing the new JumpStart Madagascar Land, we were compensated in no other way. All opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself.

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