Kandinsky Circle Art

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In the afternoons on Fridays I plan our big art project for the week, so that Ethan can join us. Our focus for today was Kandinsky Several Circles No 323. I found a bunch of pictures on google of different designs others have made inspired by Kandinsky’s art, along with an original of his work, and printed one off for each of the kids to get some ideas flowing on how they wanted their design to look.
I decided to get out the oil pastels for this project, they had a large variety of colors to choose from. I purchased this set from Discount School Supply for only 3.35, by using the 20% off discount code STACKUP.
 I told the kids that it would be best for them to plan out how they wanted their design to be. Serena and Dustin both got rulers and planned their design out.
Cody, however did not plan his out, and made so many squares he got half way done and said mom, I’m going to have to finish later…

Ethan had fun just drawing circles on his page.

Dustin’s finished work
All of them finished. As you can see Cody’s isn’t finished and Anthony didn’t choose to fill in his page. Dustin put his through the laminator without letting me know, and it ended up smearing his picture.
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Thank you for sharing!!

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