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Keeping Teens Motivated During Summer

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With summer months on our doorstep, it can be a bit of a challenge to find ways to keep your high schooler motivated to continue homeschooling throughout the summer. It’s hard to want to continue on with learning and schoolwork when those beautiful summer breezes and rays seem to be calling their name.

While it is important to continue with learning throughout the summer, there are times that it may be a little more difficult than others to keep your high school homeschool student on track. And when that happens, don’t worry. It’s absolutely normal for them to have those thoughts and feelings. After all, it’s the way our society has structured our children to think.

Summertime for many means no learning, no schools, and all fun. The good news? It’s possible to keep them on track for their homeschool curriculum while also ensuring that they have plenty of time for summer fun as well!

Keeping Teens Motivated During Summer

Allow a few more breaks throughout the day.

While this doesn’t mean that this needs to become a norm throughout the entire school year for you and your high school student, it also helps to let them know that you do understand the need for a bit more “fun” and downtime during those summer months. If you typically give a couple of learning brain breaks per day, why not give them a few extra for a few months out of the year? It allows them time to check in with friends, or just go out and explore the summer months.

Motivate with a reward.

While there may be mixed feelings in regards to offering a reward for hard summer work to your teen, it’s definitely something to consider. Being a teenager is hard enough, but then to also know that your other friends out there aren’t continuing with school curriculum throughout the summer can be a bit of an added stress to them. Instead of letting them view it as a possible negative, why not give them a reward for working hard on their schooling during those summer months? Make it a reward that they will want and be proud of achieving and then stick with it once they earn it.

Sign them up for a few fun classes to learn something new this summer.

Let them have fun with their learning during the summer months and check with the local library and colleges to see if they have any offerings for courses over the summer months for high school students. It’s a great way to let them choose something that varies from the curriculum that you typically have set for them and they’ll have fun exploring the new and exciting options out there. Not only are their educational summer programs available, but there are also a wide variety of inventive and unique programs that they could learn as well. Libraries often add programs about learning to crochet, knit or check with the local parks and rec and see if they offer any type of archery or nature-type programs. Anything that you can do during the summer to motivate your high schooler to continue on with learning is wonderful!

Don’t let the summer months distract you and your high school homeschooler from the importance of keeping some sort of curriculum in place. While there can be a bit more flexibility during these months, it’s still important to ensure that they keep their minds active and aware as well. Let them explore a few options as well that intrigue them to help keep them motivated and then encourage them to follow through and sign up. The more that you let them expand their options, the more motivated during the summer months they will be!

What are some ways that you help with keeping your teens motivated during summer? Leave a comment below letting me know, I would love to hear from you!

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