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I have already shared our group classes for the year, so now I am getting into each of the kids individual classes. Each year we tailor each of the kids curriculum to what is best for them, since we have special needs kids that struggle in some areas and are highly gifted in other areas this is such a blessing for them.

Today we are going to take a look at the different classes that Anthony is doing this year. We always add in different lap books, unit studies, and hands on learning through out the year depending on each of our children’s interests. You can read Money Saving Ideas For Homeschoolers for a look at our favorite websites we use for our printable homeschool pages.

This year is a bitter sweet year, this will be my last year with a younger kiddo  😥  So I am making it a priority to really enjoy things with Gabe this year. He will do lots of hands on learning, snuggling together and reading lots of good books, fine motor practice, practical life activities, and just having fun.

Gabriel ~ Kindergarten


Both Gabe and Ethan will be using Mother Goose Time curriculum as their main curriculum, and we will be adding in other classes for them as well.


Math-U-See Alpha ~ He did primer last year and has done wonderfully with the math program. We try to only do 1 page a day and it takes him about a week to get through one of the units. This has worked well with him not pushing him to much, but improving his math skills.


Math Facts Practice ~

Math Blaster Master the Basics CD ~ This is the same as the reading fun CD, he will only be using this while I am at therapy with kids, during our screen time daily, or if he is not wanting to participate in our group classes.



Foundations A and All About Reading 1 ~ I will be starting out the year with Foundations A to finish teaching him the sounds of the letters with foundations, after that All About Reading 1 will be started with him. He is really ready to start reading so I am letting him go for it this year. I always try to follow my child’s lead on this one and not push them. We love both of these programs because they are multi sensorial which is what little kids need to teach them in my opinion.


Explode the Code ~ Get Ready For The Code A / Get Set For The Code B / Go For The Code C ~ We have used the Explode The Code series for many years now. They are simple, quick, ways to reinforce phonics skills. We start with the Get Ready For The Code series and then move onto the Explode The Code series. We have tried the online version twice now and both of those kids did not care for it as much, so we just stick to the books.


Get-Set-For-The-Code-B Go-For-The-Code-C

Reading Fun

Reader Rabbit ~ K  ~ This is just a fun game for him to play on days when I am teaching the group classes and he is not wanting to participate, during our quiet time, etc. This is just a fun way to practice reading skills and learn how to use the computer.


Sight Words

Rock N Learn Sight Words 3-DVD Set ~  If there is one things I have learned over the years, if you teach a kid something to music they can really retain it. So we decided to purchase this 3-DVD set of sight words. Not only has Gabriel loved it, but Ethan will often sit and watch them too.

Rock and learn sight words


All About Spelling Level 1 ~ We will be using this when we start up our All About Reading level 1 and go through both at the same time.


Leading Little One’s To God ~  Nightly bible stories before bed, and hanging out with the older kids while we learn about history and bible as a group.



Handwriting Without Tears Letters and Numbers For Me & A Reason For Handwriting K ~ All of my kids use HWWOT to start handwriting and to finish off learning cursive, once they have finished letter and numbers for me they all move onto A reason for Handwriting series. Because the HWWOT program only lasts about 1/2 a year we have him working on starting A Reason For Handwriting this year as well, I’m not sure if he will finish the program by the end of our school year or finish it next year.


We will also be doing group classes together, you can read about and see the group classes we have planned for the year for the kids.

Wondering what curriculum we have used in past years?

Homeschool Curriculum 2014-2015 

Homeschool Curriculum 2013-2014

Homeschool Curriculum 2012-2013

Homeschool Curriculum 2011-2012


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