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Holidays At Lamar Park with Family

Today for the holiday we spent the afternoon at Lamar park with family. Despite the fact is was freezing today, we all had a great time spending the day with our family.

Lamar park has many different gray things to enjoy. They have multiple picnic areas, grills, multiple playgrounds, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, football field, fishing ponds, clean public restrooms, a great splash pad for the kids and more!

Gabe has a new fascination with sun glasses, now if we could find ones that he can’t break that would be awesome!

The kids enjoyed watching all the ducks. Ethan kept asking me to pick one up, because he wanted to hold it.


The boys were trying to catch fish, crayfish, frogs, or anything else they could find of course they brought their nets with them to do so.
The boys have been so drawn into nature, I have been loading them full of all the information I can.


All the kids enjoyed playing on the playground, and were even more happy to have 2 different playground to choose from, which includes a rock wall.


Gabe has had a fascination with peoples tongues lately. So he had to investigating cousin Ava’s tongue. Too cute!
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