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I am very behind on posting our vacation pictures, but one of the days were spent out on the West Michigan shoreline, at Lake Michigan. The kids had such a fun time and there was such beautiful scenery.

We spent almost the entire day at the beach, left early in the morning and had a picnic lunch when we got there, well some of us ate the little boys were so much more interested in the sand and the big lake!!

The kids enjoyed swimming in the lake, we were lucky the temps had been pretty warm and the water was actually nice, and it was a HOT day so the water was very refreshing!

Can you see little Ethan out there?? He loved the water and the waves we had to constantly have someone on Ethan duty because he would just run off into the water, swim, and dive through the waves.. He had no fear at all!

What would a trip to the beach be without building sand castles??  Gabe was pretty scared of the lake, so he stayed with me and played in the sand happy as can be!

Rolling in the sand is fun to… I hope parents don’t wonder why they find sand in the house days after going to the beach 🙂

The bigger boys came over and started building sand castles with the little boys for a short break from the water, which is really where they spent most of the day.


The kids played on the beach and in the water most of the day. Just before we left we had one more fun adventure up a mile high sand dune across the street, for some amazing views of Lake Michigan!!

To get up to the top we had LOTS of stairs to climb!

I was surprised we were able to get Gabe to walk almost all the way up and back down, even after playing at the beach all day. Boy did he crash once we got in the car!

Here is one of the beautiful views about half way up!

The view at the top!! This is just an amazing view, well worth the long walk up the dune!

Trying to get the boys to sit still for a picture, is just not very fun some days 🙂

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