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Leaf Kids Craft

Last month while there was lots and lots of leaf raking I took a week to have the boys study leaves. We found leaves outside and decided to do a few leaf project for kids. We did leaf crafts, leaf rubbings, we preserved the leaves in wax paper, and of course learned why they were all falling off of the trees.
Leaf Decorations: I set some blank leaves out for the kids to decorate, and Dustin made these leaves one day during some down time. Simple but very nice. He outlined the leaves in red glitter and then made the veins of the leaves with silver glitter. Great decoration for the dining room!!
 Paper Plate Scarecrows: Cody and Anthony each made a scarecrow instead of leaves, I found the templates to make the scarecrow at KidsSoup printed them off and they did the rest independently.
Leaf Pin Poking: Dustin is the only one that wanted to use pin poking last month. I was amazed at how much work and time he put into this project, especially since Dustin isn’t one to sit still for more than 2 minutes.  He poked out his leaf, cut it out, and then crumpled little fall colored pieces of tissue paper and glued them onto his leaf
The final product.
Leaf  Sun catchers: this was an experimental project that I thought of. We took a piece of wax paper folded it in half, open the wax paper up and on one side the kids shredded crayons onto it (using a cheese grater :-), when satisfied with the colors and amount cover with a washcloth and hold the iron on for a minute or so on all areas until all the crayons are all melted. I printed off the leaf template from Kids Soup, and had the kids choose what color they wanted their leaf border to be, they traced it onto their color, cut it out, and then trimmed up their wax paper to just a little smaller than the leaf template. Glue the wax paper on the back side of the template, and you have a beautiful wax crayon suncatcher!

Thank you for sharing!!


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