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Since I had been going through some pretty extensive medical issues for a few months, we had taken a break from our regular Mother Goose Time curriculum since it was taking everything I had just to get our main classes done each day. During that time I had my boys regularly asking me “when are we going to do Mother Goose Time again, we LOVE it and want to do it again”.


Luckily they were so kind enough to deal with me not being able to use and share about our fun for a couple months and still continued to let me be part of the blog ambassador program. I cannot say enough about this amazing company the curriculum they provide is simply amazing quality, everything is included in the shipment, and the way the kids learn using their curriculum is phenomenal and hands on for kids. Ok so enough about this great company and onto the fun we have had using the program for the last month, finally as my boys would say lol.

Our topic this month was Bee and Butterflies. I am going to share some of the fun we had during our first week. The topic was bees homes, where we talked about bee’s homes, their food, babies, work, and safety.Bees-80

Beehive Painting

One of our fun activities to do was beehive painting. We put some orange and yellow paint onto a paper plate, then the boys took a piece of bubble wrap and stamped the colors onto their beehive papers.








As you can see here, Gabe thought this activity was a lot of fun!!





When they were done stamping them and they dried the boys punched the hives out and stuck them together to make a pretend beehive. I didn’t manage to get pictures of their finished beehives though.

Bee Rhyme

We worked through this fun rhyme. The boys really enjoyed the fact that there were bees Velcroed to the back of the poster so when we got to the counting part they pulled them off of the back.

Bees-13 Bees-14 Bees-16

They also flew the bees around each other and back and forth to the hive. They boys loved doing this rhyme and playing with the bees so much they played with them for days after we did it.Bees-17 Bees-18 Bees-15

Bee Hive With Hexagons

This months shape we learned about was a hexagon, which of course goes perfect with bees. First we stacked the hexagons biggest to the smallest.

Bees-20 Bees-21

After we stacked the hexagons the boys worked together to make a hexagon beehive. Not only did these activities work on learning the hexagon shape, but it was also great for them to work together and practice team work.

Bees-22 Bees-23

Pollen Transfer

This was an activity we changed up a little bit. We transferred pollen aka “colored water” from the jar to the paint palate aka “flower” and then back from the “flower” to the jar “hive.” This was such great fine motor practice for the kids and they had a lot of fun pretending to be busy bees.

Bees-30 Bees-31 Bees-33 Bees-34 Bees-35

Bees-36 Bees-37 Bees-39 Bees-40

After Gabe wanted to pour the pollen back into the flower, which was harder then he originally thought it would be.

Bees-41 Bees-42

Queen Bee Hats

We made queen bee hats, complete with antenna and stingers. They were so cute!

Bees-47 Bees-48 Bees-50 Bees-57 Bees-58

Hexagon Beehives

The boys made beehives using a hexagon stencil (another great activity to reinforce the shape of the month) and a stick.


Once their beehives were hanging from the tree branch they added their bee stickers. Bees-68 Bees-69 Bees-70

Scooping Bee’s

The other manipulative for the month was these wooden beads. The boys scooped them out of a jar and if they scooped a bee they had to place them into another container. If they scooped out a flowers, snail, or butterfly they had to string them onto our lacing string. It was great fine motor practice!

Bees-113 Bees-114 Bees-108



As you have seen the boys have had a great time being back into the full swing of school. Bees and butterflies have been a fun unit, next week we will be sharing more of the fun we have had this month.

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