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We were given the wonderful opportunity to bring the kids to LEGO KidsFest 2012, in Novi, MI a couple weekends ago, it was such a fun event for all of us!

We got there early and got into a parking spot pretty quick, but upon entering we realized that because we got there early we had to stand in line with 7 kids for almost a half an hour with tons of people all around. The kids did pretty well especially trying to peek over everyone trying to see what they would have access to soon, Gabe had decided not to take a nap on our 2 hour drive and was tired, so he did not do very well the entire time we were there, until he fell asleep in the stroller… As we were leaving…

Once the gates were opened and we went in, none of us could believe the extent of the available activities. There is almost no way we could even do all there was available in the 4 hours! They had clinics the kids could sign up for with Master Brick builders, the kids could build Lego Race cars and race them down ramps, join in on the monochrome brick building, and so much more.

Even the older boys enjoyed building with the Duplo blocks, which is where we went first to let the little ones play. They had an amazing selection of Lego Bricks, animals, people, trains, and so much more we could have stayed there the whole time and the younger ones would have been just as happy!!


They even had an area of pink and purple girl Duplo Lego Bricks, my niece really enjoyed that and had fun making a carriage out of Lego bricks!

They even gave out Duplo hats for the kids to wear!

They also had an area with the regular Lego bricks, that pile of bricks was even bigger then the Duplo pile, the kids had any type of Lego pieces and brick they could ever want to choose from!


We took a few minutes to let the kids rest and color in the Guidecraft kids Area, very nice to have an area to slow down for little ones who may become tired or overwhelmed at everything going on around them.

The kids were able to see many amazing displays made completely of Legos, Ethan inspected almost every one to make sure they were really made of Lego Bricks to 🙂

We played in the Lego Friends area

They all had so much fun making little houses, people and more out of these fun Lego Bricks!

Since we have come home from the Lego Kids Fest, my boys have been getting very creative with their Lego Bricks, here are a few of their latest creations.

This was such an amazing opportunity for us, the kids had so much fun, I really hope we get to go again next year! Thank you for this great opportunity Lego Kids Fest!

Disclaimer: As a member of the US Family Guide Network I was provided with tickets for me and my family, and 2 to giveaway to one of my viewers in return for a review of the LEGO KidsFest. We were compensated in no other way.

Thank you for sharing!!


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